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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-903091-00-5Central Computer & Telecommunications AgencyIS Strategy: Process and Products (IS Practice Guides)
  ''978-1-903091-01-2Central Computer & Telecommunications AgencyManaging Change (IS Management Guides)
2002978-1-903091-02-9Great Britain: Office of Government Commerce · Central Computer & Telecommunications AgencyHow to Manage Business and IT Strategies (IS Management & Business Change Guides)
1999978-1-903091-03-6Central Computer & Telecommunications AgencyAcquisition (IS Management Guides)
2000978-1-903091-04-3   ''Managing Services (IS Management Guides)
1999978-1-903091-05-0   ''Managing Performance (IS Management Guides)
2000978-1-903091-06-7   ''Managing Partnerships (IS Management Guides)
  ''978-1-903091-08-1CCTATechniques (IS Management Guides)
1999978-1-903091-09-8Central Computer & Telecommunications AgencyBetter Value from Software Development
2001978-1-903091-10-4Great Britain: Office of Government CommerceHow to Manage Business Change (IS Management & Business Change Guides)
2002978-1-903091-11-1   ''How to Manage Service Acquisition (IS management & business change guides)
2002978-1-903091-12-8Great Britain: Office of Government CommerceHow to Manage Service Provision (IS management & business change guides)
  ''978-1-903091-13-5   ''How to Manage Performance (IS Management & Business Change Guides)
  ''978-1-903091-16-6   ''How to Manage Business and IT Strategies CD-ROM (IS Management & Business Change Guides)
978-1-903091-17-3Is Strategy: Process and Products (IS Management Guides)
2000978-1-903091-24-1Great Britain: Office of Government CommerceManaging Partnerships (IS management guides)
2003978-1-903091-28-9Change for the Better: Business Change for Decision Makers (Concise Management Guides S.)
2002978-1-903091-29-6Great Britain: Office of Government CommerceIS Management and Business Change Guides Set
  ''978-1-903091-30-2   ''IS Management and Business Change Guides (IS Management & Business Change Guides)
2004978-1-903091-32-6Nigel Nicholson · Madan PillutlaNegotiation: How to Make Deals and Reach Agreement in Business (Decision Makers S.)
2003978-1-903091-35-7Stay Up to Speed: Performance Management for Decision Makers (Concise Management Guides S.)
2004978-1-903091-36-4Nigel Nicholson · Zeger DegraeveRisk: How to Make Decisions in an Uncertain World (Decision Makers S.)
  ''978-1-903091-37-1Nigel Nicholson · Dominic HoulderStrategy: How to Shape the Future of the Business (Decision Makers S.)
2004978-1-903091-38-8Nigel Nicholson · N. AnandChange: How to Adapt and Transform the Business (Decision Makers S.)
2007978-1-903091-39-5Bettina Von StammInnovation