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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903070-00-0Gwen MakaRiding with Ghosts
  ''978-1-903070-01-7Phyllis EllisDesert Governess: an Englishwoman's personal experience with the Saudi royal family: An Inside View on the Saudi Arabian Royal Family
2001978-1-903070-04-8Niema AshTravels with my Daughter
  ''978-1-903070-06-2Bob BibbyGrey Paes and Bacon: From the Heart of the Black Country
  ''978-1-903070-07-9Gail HaddockWhat for Chop Today?
  ''978-1-903070-08-6Robbie MarshallTriumph Around the World
2001978-1-903070-09-3Gwen MakaSouth of the Border: Riding with Ghosts
2005978-1-903070-12-3Tess BurrowsCry from the Highest Mountain
2001978-1-903070-13-0Rupert MackesonBet Like A Man
2003978-1-903070-14-7Andrew StevensonTravels in Outback Australia: Beyond the Black Stump
2001978-1-903070-17-8Nicola NaylorJasmine & Arnica Paperback
2003978-1-903070-18-5Niema AshTouching Tibet
  ''978-1-903070-19-2Lydia LaubeBehind the Veil: A Nurses Arabian Nightmare
  ''978-1-903070-20-8Charlotte MetcalfWalking Away: A Film-maker's African Journal
  ''978-1-903070-22-2Simon Casson · Richard AdamsonRiding the Outlaw Trail: Following in the Footsteps of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
2004978-1-903070-26-0Mark AnsticeFirst Contact
  ''978-1-903070-27-7Michael MeeganAll Will be Well
2004978-1-903070-28-4Bob BibbySpecial Offa: Walking the Offa's Dyke Path
  ''978-1-903070-29-1Emily JoyGreen Oranges on Lion Mountain: The Accidental Optimist
  ''978-1-903070-30-7Dorian AmosThe Good Life: Up the Yukon without a Paddle
  ''978-1-903070-32-1W. PeasleyLast of the Nomads
  ''978-1-903070-33-8Heyrick Bond GunningBaghdad Business School
2004978-1-903070-34-5Joel LevyThe Con Artist Handbook
  ''978-1-903070-35-2Pete MooreThe Forensics Handbook
2005978-1-903070-36-9Alexandra PrattLost Lands Forgotten Stories: A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Labrador
2002978-1-903070-37-6Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Handbook for Physiotherapists
2005978-1-903070-38-3Ken FinnJourney with a Remarkable Tree
  ''978-1-903070-39-0Hilda ReillySeeking Sanctuary: Journeys to Sudan
  ''978-1-903070-40-6Pamela WindoZohra's Ladder: And Other Stories from Morocco
  ''978-1-903070-42-0Herbie BrennanDeath: The Great Mystery of Life
2005978-1-903070-43-7Emily JoyThe Accidental Optimist's Guide to Life
2007978-1-903070-44-4Michael MeeganChanging the World from the Inside Out: Connecting Your Intellegences
2009978-1-903070-45-1   ''100 Ways to Change the World
2005978-1-903070-46-8Emily JoyGreen Oranges on Lion Mountain
  ''978-1-903070-47-5Adam Hume KellyGreat Sects: With Dumbed Down Dogma
2006978-1-903070-48-2Dorian AmosThe Good Life Gets Better: Panning for Gold
  ''978-1-903070-51-2Andy HomeSiberian Dreams: Winner RGS/BBC Journey of a Lifetime Award
2008978-1-903070-54-3Alastair HumphreysThunder and Sunshine
  ''978-1-903070-55-0Rob Ainsley50 Quirky Bike Rides...in England and Wales (Bizarre Biking)
2007978-1-903070-56-7Alastair HumphreysMoods of Future Joys: Around the World by Bike - Part 1
  ''978-1-903070-58-1Warrington Cycle CampaignCrap Cycle Lanes
2009978-1-903070-62-8Alastair HumphreysTen Lessons from the Road
2009978-1-903070-72-7Peter BurdenNews of the World?: Fake Sheikhs and Royal Trappings
2010978-1-903070-73-4Emily JoyGreen Oranges on Lion Mountain (Eye Classics)
2011978-1-903070-75-8Alastair HumphreysThe Boy Who Biked the World: On the Road to Africa
2010978-1-903070-76-5Nicola NaylorJasmine and Arnica (Eye Classics)
  ''978-1-903070-77-2Gwen MakaRiding with Ghosts (Eye Classics)
  ''978-1-903070-78-9Tess BurrowsCold Hands Warm Heart
2008978-1-903070-79-6Peter BurdenNews of the world?: Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings
2014978-1-903070-82-6Dorian AmosThe Good Life: Up the Yukon without a Paddle (Eye Classics)
2015978-1-903070-87-1Alastair HumphreysThe Boy Who Biked the World: Part Two: Riding the Americas