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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-903031-00-1Geoff StevensBeen There
2002978-1-903031-01-8John HirstBeauty and Some Beasts: Collections of Saucy and Sweet 'n' Sour Poetry
2001978-1-903031-02-5Hugh UnderhallThe Actual Hour
  ''978-1-903031-03-2Gavin StewartSounding Out
  ''978-1-903031-04-9Barbara DanielsUSK: Origin of a Thinker - The Story of Alfred Russel Wallace
  ''978-1-903031-05-6Martin HolroydMuse
  ''978-1-903031-06-3Jason LeeThe Day Elvis Died
2002978-1-903031-07-0Poets Like Us
2000978-1-903031-08-7Courtesy OrchisDry Rot Control
1999978-1-903031-09-4Courtesy OrchisOffence 8 Defence
2001978-1-903031-10-0Lee McLaughlinImpressions
2001978-1-903031-11-7Patricia AdelmanA Late Flowering
2002978-1-903031-12-4Jean G. JonesUntie the Rainbow
  ''978-1-903031-13-1Tony Lewis-JonesThe Emperor's Small Change: New and Selected Poems
2001978-1-903031-14-8C. Jason LeeGod's potato peeler: Mystical, historical, geographical and diabolical verse
2002978-1-903031-15-5David Peter LawtonProbation Songs
  ''978-1-903031-16-2Barbara DanielsCamera Obscura
  ''978-1-903031-17-9Alan P. BarrettAnd a Bird Sang: 20 Poems
  ''978-1-903031-18-6John AdairA is for Alphabet
2003978-1-903031-19-3Andy JohnstonThe Spirit's Too Much with Us
2003978-1-903031-20-9Alan P. BarrettLacedaemon: 18 Poems
2002978-1-903031-21-6Lee McLaughlinImpressions II: 'solitude be brave, quiet light'
  ''978-1-903031-22-3Waving at trains: The young poets of Redditch
  ''978-1-903031-23-0One Nil to the Poets: A Collection of Poems About Football
  ''978-1-903031-24-7Fatma DurmushLeaving Turkey and Other Poems
  ''978-1-903031-25-4Martin HolroydFour Prose Pieces
2002978-1-903031-26-1Niall McGrathFirst World
  ''978-1-903031-27-8Juliet WilsonBouganvillea Dancing
  ''978-1-903031-28-5John AdairViews from the Waterfront: The Young Poets of Bristol
  ''978-1-903031-29-2Maureen WeldonEarth Tides
  ''978-1-903031-30-8John AdairDancing Through the Pain: Poems on the Theme of Mental Health
2002978-1-903031-31-5Lee McLaughlinVisions in Verse: Soulful Creations
  ''978-1-903031-32-2Alan P. BarrettThe Outer Circle: 19 More Poems
  ''978-1-903031-33-9John AdairI Can Smell Gass: Poem About Bristol Rovers
  ''978-1-903031-34-6John BishopLet Them Speak for Themselves
  ''978-1-903031-35-3Graham HobbsGlances Over My Shoulder
2002978-1-903031-36-0Dave BryanTonic for the Terminal
  ''978-1-903031-37-7Prints of a Lost Explorer
  ''978-1-903031-38-4Siriol TroupMoss
2003978-1-903031-39-1Lee McLaughlinVisions in Verse: Bonus Edition
  ''978-1-903031-40-7Barbara EllisThe Birds' Mass: And Other Poems
  ''978-1-903031-41-4Michael JohnsCorporate Image: A Second Collection of Poems
2003978-1-903031-42-1Graeme HobbsNotes from the Unknown
  ''978-1-903031-43-8John AdairMoving Up: The Young Poets of Smethwick
  ''978-1-903031-44-5Tony Lewis-JonesFull Moons and Half Truths
  ''978-1-903031-45-2Alan P. BarrettCertain Fictions: Poems and Pieces
  ''978-1-903031-46-9Lee C. JasonPolaroid Noise
2003978-1-903031-47-6Lee McLaughlinVisions in Verse: The Very Best of....
  ''978-1-903031-48-3Graeme HobbsAfter the Mad Emperor
  ''978-1-903031-49-0Fatma DurmushThe Train and Something Else
2002978-1-903031-50-6John AdairIs This Bus Going to Speke?: The Young Poets of Liverpool
  ''978-1-903031-51-3   ''Are We There Yet?: Six Young Voices
2003978-1-903031-52-0D.H. Lawrence and the Country He Loved
  ''978-1-903031-53-7Kevin HigginsBlackhole and Other Poems
2003978-1-903031-54-4Pulling Faces at the Dog: Poems About Childhood
  ''978-1-903031-55-1Visions in Verse: The Best and More
  ''978-1-903031-56-8Kevin HigginsPoetry in Motion
  ''978-1-903031-57-5Joanna EzekielA Braid of Words
  ''978-1-903031-58-2Peter WhytonAir Triangle: And Other Performance Poems
2003978-1-903031-59-9A Few Words: Haiku-format Poems
  ''978-1-903031-61-2Corti DorisBeyond the Skyline
  ''978-1-903031-62-9Jack LaniganLife in Rhyme
  ''978-1-903031-63-6Moving Up: The Young Poets of Tipton
  ''978-1-903031-64-3Harcombe SamWindow Shopping
2003978-1-903031-65-0Adair JohnAim High: The Young Poets of Greets Green
  ''978-1-903031-66-7Robert IrwinInterim Valuations: Further Poems from Ireland and Wales
  ''978-1-903031-67-4Duncombe DavidJoy Rider
  ''978-1-903031-68-1Gemmell JeanSelected Poems
2004978-1-903031-69-8Lee McLaughlinLet Poetry Dawn
2003978-1-903031-70-4Jean GemmellSelected Poems and Drawings
2004978-1-903031-71-1Johnny RoderickOld School Poems
  ''978-1-903031-72-8   ''Night Shower Shadows
2004978-1-903031-73-5Mullen PromillaUnderneath the Bough
  ''978-1-903031-74-2Leckey DennisNo. Not Sonnets
  ''978-1-903031-75-9Fiona A. WrightLife,the Universe and Foofi
  ''978-1-903031-77-3Stephen WrigleyThe Tale of Cap
  ''978-1-903031-78-0Graeme HobbsTransitions in Black
2004978-1-903031-79-7Harcombe SamKissing Caligula
  ''978-1-903031-80-3Kennett ChristineBirds Bereavement and Banality
  ''978-1-903031-81-0Michael JohnsWashing Up: The Third Collection
  ''978-1-903031-82-7McLaughlin LeeBohemian Views
  ''978-1-903031-83-4Junor SteveA Portrait of Portrayal Prose
2004978-1-903031-84-1Hobbs GraemeBetween Madness and 'madness': Poems 2000/01
  ''978-1-903031-85-8Sheehy JohnTake a Walk in Here
  ''978-1-903031-86-5Wyton PeterDad's Taxi Service: And Other Poems
  ''978-1-903031-87-2Heath DesmondFenland Poems
  ''978-1-903031-88-9Campbell GailSummer Threads
2004978-1-903031-89-6Durmush FatmaBloodstorm
  ''978-1-903031-90-2Tai Layton BrendaIn Visible Worlds
  ''978-1-903031-91-9Aeronwy ThomasRooks and Poems
  ''978-1-903031-92-6Durmush FatmahTurkish Tales: As Told to Fatma Durmush by Her Mother,Zekiye
  ''978-1-903031-93-3John HirstPoetry Off the Page
2004978-1-903031-94-0Campbell GailEvery Echo
  ''978-1-903031-95-7Graeme HobbsTowards the Starting Line 2003: Poems
  ''978-1-903031-96-4Day PeterSight Reading: Selected Poems
  ''978-1-903031-97-1Richard StewartGreen Man
  ''978-1-903031-98-8Woodlock SamOne Hundred Years on