Barn Owl Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903015-00-1Adèle GerasVoyage
1999978-1-903015-01-8Jacqueline WilsonJimmy Jelly
  ''978-1-903015-02-5Gwen GrantPrivate - Keep Out!
2000978-1-903015-04-9Bernard AshleyYour Guess is as Good as Mine
  ''978-1-903015-07-0Joan AikenThe Spiral Stair (Arabel and Mortimer)
2001978-1-903015-08-7Robert O'BrienThe Silver Crown
  ''978-1-903015-09-4Isobelle CarmodyThe Gathering
  ''978-1-903015-10-0Jane YolenThe Devil's Arithmetic
2001978-1-903015-11-7Ruth ParkPlaying Beatie Bow
  ''978-1-903015-14-8Joan AikenArabel's Raven (Arabel and Mortimer)
  ''978-1-903015-15-5   ''Mortimer's Bread Bin (Arabel and Mortimer)
2002978-1-903015-20-9Linda NewberySome Other War
  ''978-1-903015-22-3Ann JungmanVlad the Drac
2008978-1-903015-24-7Joan AikenArabel, Mortimer and the Escaped Black Mamba (Arabel and Mortimer)
2003978-1-903015-26-1Bob WilsonStanley Bagshaw and the Short-Sighted Football Trainer (Stanley Bagshaw Series)
  ''978-1-903015-27-8Malorie BlackmanAmazing Adventures of Girl Wonder
2003978-1-903015-28-5Bernard AshleyJohnnie's Blitz
  ''978-1-903015-30-8Chris d'LacyThe Snail Patrol
  ''978-1-903015-31-5Bob WilsonStanley Bagshaw and the Mafeking Square Cheese Robbery
2004978-1-903015-34-6Ann JungmanVlad the Drac Returns
  ''978-1-903015-35-3Chris d'Lacy · Linda NewberyFrom E to You
  ''978-1-903015-36-0Douglas HillThe Dragon Charmer
2004978-1-903015-38-4Jaap ter HaarThe Ice Road
  ''978-1-903015-39-1Ann JungmanLucy and the Big Bad Wolf
  ''978-1-903015-40-7Bob WilsonStanley Bagshaw and the Fourteen Foot Wheel
  ''978-1-903015-41-4Kaye UmanskyThe Jealous Giant
2008978-1-903015-42-1Nigel HintonCollision Course
2005978-1-903015-43-8Steve BarlowStone Me! (Mad Myths)
  ''978-1-903015-45-2Ann JungmanVlad the Drac Superstar
2005978-1-903015-47-6Pippa GoodhartRescued by a Dog Called Flow
  ''978-1-903015-48-3Joan AikenMortimer and the Sword Excalibur (Arabel and Mortimer)
  ''978-1-903015-49-0Steve BarlowMind the Door
  ''978-1-903015-50-6Bob WilsonStanley Bagshaw and the Twenty Two Foot Whale
2006978-1-903015-53-7Elizabeth LairdHiding Out
  ''978-1-903015-55-1Ann JungmanVlad the Drac, Vampire
2007978-1-903015-56-8Steve BarlowA Touch of Wind (Mad Myths)
2006978-1-903015-57-5Steve Barlow · Steve SkidmoreDon't Look Back
2006978-1-903015-59-9Diana Wynne JonesThe Skiver's Guide
2007978-1-903015-63-6Lynne Reid BanksOne More River
  ''978-1-903015-64-3Marjorie DarkeThe First of Midnight (The story of a slave's fight for freedom)
  ''978-1-903015-65-0Steve Skidmore · Steve BarlowMust Fly! (Mad Myth)
  ''978-1-903015-66-7Ann JungmanVlad the Drac Down Under (Vlad the Drac)
  ''978-1-903015-68-1Lynne Reid BanksBroken Bridge
2007978-1-903015-69-8Malorie BlackmanThe Big Book of Betsey Biggalow
2008978-1-903015-77-3   ''The Bumper Book of Betsey Biggalow
2009978-1-903015-82-7Gillian Cross · Ros AsquithThe Roman Beanfeast
2010978-1-903015-85-8Tony MittonPlum