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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-902915-06-7Susan MartineauDinosaur Dishes and Fossil Food (Gruesome)
2006978-1-902915-07-4Catherine Bruzzone · Lone MortonEnglish Fun (Language Activity) (Fun Languages)
2005978-1-902915-11-1Catherine BruzzoneLucy Cat at the Farm: Lucie Chat a La Ferme (Lucy Cat) (Lucy Cat French-English)
2004978-1-902915-14-2Martin UrsellYou Can Draw Cartoons (You can draw)
2005978-1-902915-15-9Catherine BruzzoneLucy Cat in the Town: Lucie Chat En Ville (Lucy Cat) (Lucy Cat French-English)
  ''978-1-902915-16-6Lone MortonGeorge the Goldfish/Georges Le Poisson Rouge (I Can Read French) (I Can Read French S.)
  ''978-1-902915-17-3   ''Space Postman/Le Facteur Spatial (I Can Read French) (I Can Read French S.)
  ''978-1-902915-20-3Clare BeatonMake Your Own Pirate Ship (Make Your Own)
  ''978-1-902915-21-0Martin UrsellYou Can Draw Horses (You can draw)
2005978-1-902915-22-7Catherine Bruzzone · Susan MartineauHide and Speak Italian (Hide & Speak)
  ''978-1-902915-24-1Clare BeatonMake Your Own Fairy Garden (Make Your Own)
  ''978-1-902915-26-5Martin UrsellYou Can Draw Monsters (You can draw)
  ''978-1-902915-33-3Susan MartineauCool Circuits and Wicked Wires (Gruesome) (Creative Activities)
  ''978-1-902915-34-0Sue Weatherill · Steve WeatherillRoman Activity Book (Crafty History) (Crafty Histories)
2006978-1-902915-38-8Catherine BruzzoneLucy Cat at the Beach: Lucie Chat a La Plage (Lucy Cat) (Lucy Cat French-English)
2006978-1-902915-39-5Catherine BruzzoneLucy Cat at the Party: Lucie Chat a La Fete (Lucy Cat) (Lucy Cat French-English)
  ''978-1-902915-42-5Clare BeatonPocket Money Christmas (Pocket Money) (Pocket Money S.)
  ''978-1-902915-47-0Sue Weatherill · Steve WeatherillGreek Activity Book (Crafty History) (Crafty Histories)
  ''978-1-902915-50-0Steve Weatherill · Sue WeatherillMiddle Ages Activity Book (Crafty History) (Crafty Histories)
2001978-1-902915-55-5Susan MartineauAstonishing Art with Recycled Rubbish: Splatter!Splodge!Splash!
2002978-1-902915-56-2Clare BeatonMake and Colour Paper Dinosaurs (Make & Colour)
  ''978-1-902915-57-9   ''Make and Colour Cars and Trucks (Make & Colour) (Make & Colour)
2002978-1-902915-66-1Catherine BruzzoneColour in Spanish (Colour in series)
  ''978-1-902915-68-5Catherine Bruzzone · Clare BeatonTransport/Le Transport (Bilingual First Books) (Bilingual First Books French)
  ''978-1-902915-69-2Catherine BruzzoneWild Animals/Les Animaux Savagaes (Bilingual First Books) (Bilingual First Books French)
2007978-1-902915-76-0Sue Weatherill · Steve WeatherillVikings Activity Book (Crafty History) (Crafty History) (Crafty History S.)
  ''978-1-902915-77-7   ''Vikings Activity Book (Crafty History) (Crafty History S.)
2003978-1-902915-91-3Susan MartineauMad Machines and Dotty Devices (Gruesome) (Creative Activities)
  ''978-1-902915-92-0Catherine Bruzzone · Clare BeatonFood/La Nourriture (Bilingual First Books) (Bilingual First Books French)
2003978-1-902915-93-7Catherine Bruzzone · Clare BeatonToys/Les Jouets (Bilingual First Books) (Bilingual First Books French)
2004978-1-902915-94-4Clare BeatonAll Seasons' Craft Book
  ''978-1-902915-96-8   ''Make Your Own Castle (Make Your Own)
2006978-1-902915-97-5Martin UrsellYou Can Draw Wild Animals (You can draw)