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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-902913-00-1Eroica MildmayHome to Angel Cake (Text)
  ''978-1-902913-01-8Julia BellPretext, Vol. 1: Salvage
  ''978-1-902913-02-5D.J. MulloyHomegrown Revolutionaries: An American Militia Reader
  ''978-1-902913-03-2Rachel BradfordStill (UEA Texts)
  ''978-1-902913-04-9Emma Ainger · Zoe Ella WilliamsSex Text (UEA Texts)
2000978-1-902913-05-6Julia Bell · Paul MagrsPretext Volume 2
2001978-1-902913-06-3Esther MorganReactions: New Poetry
2001978-1-902913-07-0Christopher BigsbyWriters in Conversation: Volume One
2000978-1-902913-08-7Anthony FrostTheatre Theories: From Plato to Virtual Reality: Vol 1
2001978-1-902913-09-4Christopher BigsbyWriters in Conversation: v. 2: With Christopher Bigsby
  ''978-1-902913-10-0Julia BellPretext: Fiction: Criticism: Poetry v. 3
  ''978-1-902913-11-7Julia Bell · Ashley Stokes · et alPretext: Fiction: Poetry: Critisicm v. 4
2002978-1-902913-12-4Esther MorganReactions Two: Vol. 2: New Poetry
  ''978-1-902913-13-1Julia Bell · Ali SmithPretext: v. 5
2003978-1-902913-14-8Patricia Duncker · Paul Magrs · Michele Roberts · George Szirtes · Val TaylorUea Creative Writing Anthology 2003: Contains Small Parts
2002978-1-902913-15-5D. J. Taylor · Katri SkalaPretext: v. 6: Fiction, Criticism and Poetry
  ''978-1-902913-16-2Esther MorganReactions: v. 3
2003978-1-902913-17-9Aleksandar Hemon · Douglas CowiePretext 7: Cut That Fence
2003978-1-902913-18-6Esther MorganReactions 4
  ''978-1-902913-19-3Helon Habila · Murray TiffanyPretext 8: Once upon a Time...: Vol. 8
2004978-1-902913-20-9Various · Katri SkalaPretext 9: Not of an Age
  ''978-1-902913-21-6UEA Creative Writing Anthology 2004: Concertina
  ''978-1-902913-22-3Various · Katri Skala · Jon CookPretext 10: On The Market
2006978-1-902913-27-8VariousUEA Creative Writing Anthology: Tessellate