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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-902842-03-5AnonFavourite Chocolate Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-04-2J Salmon LtdFavourite Country Soups (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-05-9Carol WilsonFavourite Country Wines and Cordials
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2006978-1-902842-07-3Sutton PalmerFavourite Thames and Chilterns Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2001978-1-902842-13-4Carol WilsonFavourite Home Baking Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
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  ''978-1-902842-16-5Carol Wilson · Wilfrid BallFavourite Harvest Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2001978-1-902842-17-2Helen AllinghamFavourite Recipes from the Kitchen Garden
  ''978-1-902842-18-9J Salmon LtdFavourite Cake Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-19-6Francis S. WalkerIrish Teatime Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-20-2Johanna MathieScottish Fish Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-21-9   ''Scottish Country Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2003978-1-902842-23-3Herefordshire (Salmon Guide)
2002978-1-902842-28-8A R Quinton · J SalmonFavourite Apple Recipes (Favourite Recipes Series)
2002978-1-902842-29-5Harry StylesFavourite Chicken Recipes: Soups, Grills,Casseroles,Pies and Supper Dishes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-30-1J Salmon LtdFavourite Casserole Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
  ''978-1-902842-31-8AnonFavourite Holiday Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2001978-1-902842-32-5J Salmon LtdScottish Meat Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2003978-1-902842-37-0Harry StylesThe Isle of Wight (Salmon Guide)
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  ''978-1-902842-47-9J Salmon LtdFavourite Meat Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2000978-1-902842-49-3Lake District (Souvenir Picture Guide)
2005978-1-902842-53-0J Salmon LtdFavourite Cake Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2006978-1-902842-54-7   ''Favourite Egg Recipes (Favourite Recipes)
2005978-1-902842-56-1Keziah CooperFavourite Romany Recipes
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2005978-1-902842-58-5John CurtisThe Cotswolds (Curtis Series)
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