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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-902806-01-3T.A. ActonScholarship and the Gypsy Struggle: Commitment in Romani Studies
2001978-1-902806-02-0Elena Marushiakova · Vesselin PopovGypsies in the Ottoman Empire: 22 (Interface Collection)
2000978-1-902806-04-4Jeremy SandfordRokkering to the Gorjios: In the Early 1970s British Romany Gypsies Speak of their Hopes, Fears and Aspirations: Conversations with Gypsies in the Early 1970s (Interface Collection)
2003978-1-902806-05-1Bernard LeblonGypsies and Flamenco: Emergence of the Art of Flamenco in Andalusia (Interface Collection)
2000978-1-902806-06-8Peter BakkerWhat is the Romani Language? (Interface Collection)
2001978-1-902806-07-5Will GuyBetween Past and Future: The Roma of Central and Eastern Europe
2002978-1-902806-10-5Toby SonnemanShared Sorrows: A Gypsy Family Remembers the Holocaust: 6
2001978-1-902806-11-2Graham HoldernessCultural Shakespeare: Essays in the Shakespeare Myth
  ''978-1-902806-15-0Marielle DanbakliRoma, Gypsies: Texts Issued by International Institutions (Interface Collection)
2002978-1-902806-19-8Ian HancockWe are the Romani People (Interface Collection)
2003978-1-902806-22-8Alyosha Taikon · Gunilla Lundgren · Johan TaikonFrom Coppersmith to Nurse: Alyosha, the Son of a Gypsy Chief (Interface Collection)
2004978-1-902806-23-5Donald KenrickGypsies: From the Ganges to the Thames (Interface Collection)
2007978-1-902806-24-2Dominic ReeveSmoke in the Lanes
2004978-1-902806-26-6Donald KenrickThe Romani World: A Historical Dictionary of the Gypsies
2005978-1-902806-30-3Simon EvansStopping Places: A Gypsy History of South London and Kent
2006978-1-902806-33-4Colin Clark · Margaret GreenfieldsHere to Stay: The Gypsies and Travellers of Britain
2004978-1-902806-38-9Walter WinterWinter Time: Memoirs of a German Sinto Who Survived Auschwitz
2006978-1-902806-40-2Professor Thomas BetteridgeShakespearean Fantasy and Politics
2004978-1-902806-41-9Alan Davies · Diane CrannA Handbook of Essential Mathematical Formulae
2005978-1-902806-44-0Ronald LeeLearn Romani: Das-duma Rromanes
2007978-1-902806-46-4John T. BakerCultural Transition in the Chilterns and Essex Region 350 AD to 650 AD (Studies in Regional & Local History) (Studies in Regional and Local History)
2005978-1-902806-47-1John S. LeeCambridge and Its Economic Region, 1450-1560 (Studies in Regional & Local History) (Studies in Regional and Local History)
2006978-1-902806-49-5Donald KenrickGypsies During the Second World War: Final Chapter v. 3 (Interface Collection)
2005978-1-902806-50-1Peter LamontMagic in Theory: An Introduction to the Theoretical and Psychological Elements of Conjuring
2008978-1-902806-54-9Christopher GriffinNomads Under the Westway: Irish Travellers, Gypsies and other traders in West London
2005978-1-902806-56-3John SorensenRelapse Prevention in Bipolar Disorder: A Treatment Manual and Workbook for Therapist and Client (A book and 5 workbooks pack) (Relapse Prevention Manuals)
978-1-902806-57-0Relapse Prevention in Bipolar Disorder
2006978-1-902806-60-0John SorensenRelapse Prevention in Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses: A Treatment Manual and 5 Workbooks for Therapist and Client
  ''978-1-902806-62-4Sulayman Al-Bassam · Graham HoldernessThe Al-Hamlet Summit
  ''978-1-902806-63-1Elizabeth SchaferLilian Baylis: A Biography
2008978-1-902806-71-6Kalwant Bhopal · Martin MyersInsiders, Outsiders and Others: Gypsies and Identity
  ''978-1-902806-72-3Shani D'CruzeA Pleasing Prospect: Social Change and Urban Culture in Eighteenth-century Colchester (Studies in Regional & Local History) (Studies in Regional and Local History)
2009978-1-902806-73-0Shani D'CruzeA Pleasing Prospect: Social Change and Urban Culture in Eighteenth-century Colchester (Studies in Regional & Local History) (Studies in Regional and Local History)
2008978-1-902806-75-4Anselm HeinrichEntertainment, Propaganda, Education: Regional Theatre in Germany and Britain Between 1918 and 1945
2007978-1-902806-77-8Jon BerryTeachers' Legal Rights and Responsibilities: A Guide for Trainee Teachers and Those New to the Profession
2009978-1-902806-79-2Ben Dodds · Richard BritnellAgriculture and Rural Society After the Black Death: Common Themes and Regional Variations (Studies in Regional & Local History) (Studies in Regional and Local History)
2009978-1-902806-80-8Donald Kenrick · Grattan PuxonGypsies Under the Swastika
2011978-1-902806-82-2Paul Cullen · Richard Jones · David N. ParsonsThorps in a Changing Landscape (Explorations in Local and Regional History)
2009978-1-902806-91-4Maggie Smith-BendellOur Forgotten Years: A Gypsy Woman's Life on the Road
  ''978-1-902806-93-8Harvey J. IrwinThe Psychology of Paranormal Belief: A Researcher's Handbook
2010978-1-902806-95-2John Mullan · Richard BritnellLand and Family: Trends and Local Variations in the Peasant Land Market on the Winchester Bishopric Estates, 1263-1415 (Studies in Regional and Local History)
  ''978-1-902806-97-6Alan FoxA Lost Frontier Revealed: Regional Separation in the East Midlands (Studies in Regional and Local History)
  ''978-1-902806-98-3Ian HancockDanger! Educated Gypsy: Selected Essays
  ''978-1-902806-99-0   ''Danger! Educated Gypsy, Selected Essays: Ian Hancock