year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-902588-00-1Allan SilvermanDiana: The Last 24 Hours - A Day in the Death of the Princess of Pain (Diana Princess of Wales)
1999978-1-902588-01-8Alf Bicknell · Alasdair FergusonTicket To Ride: The Ultimate Beatles Tour Diary!
  ''978-1-902588-02-5Jay GouldElvis 2000: The King Returns
  ''978-1-902588-03-2Dennis MorrisPictures: "Oasis" Japan, 1995
  ''978-1-902588-04-9Andy BlackLeonardo DiCaprio: The Top Ten Movies
  ''978-1-902588-05-6Jack HunterIntercepting Fist: The Films of Bruce Lee
1999978-1-902588-06-3Andy BlackOliver Reed: Ten Top Movies - A Tribute to Oliver Reed
2000978-1-902588-07-0Allan SilvermanMarilyn: the Last 24 Hours
  ''978-1-902588-08-7Chutley ChopsElvis: The King on Film
2002978-1-902588-09-4John JewelLips of Blood: An Illustrated Guide to Hammer's Dracula Movies Starring Christopher Lee
  ''978-1-902588-10-0Candice BlackVenus in Pink: An Illustrated Tribute to Japanese Porn Starlets
  ''978-1-902588-11-7Claudia AndreiTransgender Underground: London and the Third Sex
2005978-1-902588-12-4D. K. HolmKill Bill: An Unofficial Casebook
  ''978-1-902588-13-1Jack HunterIntercepting Fist: The Films of Bruce Lee and the Golden Age of Kung-Fu Cinema
2007978-1-902588-14-8   ''Freak Babylon: An Illustrated History of Teratology & Freakshows: An Illustrated History of Teratology and Freakshows
2006978-1-902588-16-2Tim MitchellSonic Transmission: Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, Television
2011978-1-902588-17-9Alan ParkerVicious: Too Fast to Live
2012978-1-902588-19-3David KerekesTokyo Grindhouse Vol. 1: Pinky Violence Bad Girl Cinema
2012978-1-902588-23-0David KerekesComplex of Carnage, A: Dario Argento: Beneath the Surface (Cult Movie Files)
2013978-1-902588-24-7Jack HunterEyes of Blood (Cult Movie Files)
  ''978-1-902588-25-4DK D K HolmKill Bill: Volume Two: An Unofficial Casebook: 2 (Cult Movie Files)
2014978-1-902588-29-2Jack HunterPornodelic Pleasures: Jess Franco Cinema (Cult Movie Specials)
2009978-1-902588-68-1   ''RAISING THE DEVIL: The "Rolling Stones" 1968-1969
  ''978-1-902588-69-8Jean de BergImage, The
2008978-1-902588-70-4Aleister CrowleyWhite Stains & the Nameless Novel: Flowers of Eros and Evil
2009978-1-902588-73-5Louis Aragon · Benjamin Peret1929 and Mad Balls: Surrealist Erotica
2007978-1-902588-75-9Candice BlackSatanica Sexualis
2006978-1-902588-76-6Richard von Freiherr Krafft-EbingPsychopathia Sexualis: The Case Histories
2009978-1-902588-77-3Jean Le BaptisteParis Pussy
2010978-1-902588-81-0Jack HunterThe Uschi Digard File (Adult Film Archives)
2011978-1-902588-82-7Michael LeighVelvet Underground, The
  ''978-1-902588-83-4Jack HunterThe Christina Lindberg File (Adult Film Archives, Volume 2)
2012978-1-902588-85-8CREATION/WET ANGELAdult Movie Superstars: 1
2013978-1-902588-86-5SleazegrinderAdult Movie Superstars: Volume Two: Eurozone Photos: 2
2014978-1-902588-88-9Jean Le BaptisteDirty Danish Dolls: Scandinavian Glamour Girls of the 1960s
  ''978-1-902588-89-6   ''Naked at Noon: 100 Vintage Nudist Photographs

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