Red Kite Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-902463-13-1Mark SmithHenna Body Art
2001978-1-902463-15-5Susan IrvineThe Perfume Guide
2000978-1-902463-17-9Anne CharlishCleansing for Body and Spirit (Alternative Health Box Set)
  ''978-1-902463-18-6Sue GeorgeStress Relief Made Simple (Boxed Set)
  ''978-1-902463-19-3Suzanne PattinsonYoga for Today (Alternative Health Box Set)
2002978-1-902463-21-6Caroline RepchukHa! Ha! Giraffe (Floor puzzles)
2003978-1-902463-27-8Dirk Somers KnightRobots (Do It! Activity Books)
1994978-1-902463-28-5John StringerElectricity and Forces (Mad About Science S.)
  ''978-1-902463-29-2John StringerPlants and Animals (Mad About Science S.)
  ''978-1-902463-30-8Adrian Pinel · Jeni PinelNumber Magic (Mad about maths)
1994978-1-902463-31-5Adrian Pinel · Jeni PinelShape and Space (Mad about maths)
  ''978-1-902463-32-2   ''Mathematical Games (Mad about maths)
2002978-1-902463-37-7Jenny LeighA Dr Spot Casebook: Harriet has Tonsillitis
  ''978-1-902463-38-4Jenny LeighA Dr Spot Casebook: Mike has Chicken Pox
2004978-1-902463-39-1C. Hedley · N. ShawThe Neal's Yard Remedies Herbal
2001978-1-902463-43-8John ClarkLight & Sound (Mad About Science)
  ''978-1-902463-48-3Joanna TrevelyanReflexology: A Practical Guide (Alternative Health Box Set)
  ''978-1-902463-49-0Christina MooreReiki: An Introduction (Alternative Health Box Set)
2009978-1-902463-54-4Jenny LeighBrian Has Dyslexia (A Dr. Spot Casebook)
2001978-1-902463-58-2CharlishCLEANSING FOR BODY AND SPIRIT
2008978-1-902463-59-9Joanna TrevelyanMassage Made Easy
2003978-1-902463-63-6Richard PlattDiscovering Knights and Castles (Discovering History)
2008978-1-902463-65-0Susan CurtisEssential Oils (Neal's Yard Remedies)
2002978-1-902463-66-7Neal's Yard RemediesRecipes for Natural Beauty (Neal's Yard Remedies)
2008978-1-902463-68-1Jenny LeighA Dr Spot Casebook: Charlie has Asthma
2007978-1-902463-78-0Sasha FentonTarot
2001978-1-902463-79-7Robin JacksonPatience
2008978-1-902463-87-2Jenny LeighDr. Spot Casebook: Franklin Has Conjunctivitis (Dr. Spot's Casebooks)
2005978-1-902463-88-9   ''A Dr. Spot Casebook: Zak Has ADHD (Dr. Spot's Casebook) (Dr. Spot's Casebooks)
1994978-1-902463-89-6Sue GeorgeRelaxation (Alternative Health Box Set)
2003978-1-902463-92-6Jenny LeighA Dr. Spot Casebook: Rachel Has Eczema (Dr. Spot's Casebook) (Dr. Spot's Casebooks)
2004978-1-902463-97-1Carolyn SchulzBeading
2004978-1-902463-98-8Richard PlattDiscovering Egyptians
  ''978-1-902463-99-5   ''Discovering Egyptians