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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-902407-01-2David RossMary Queen of Scots (Corbie)
  ''978-1-902407-03-6David RossStory of Robert the Bruce (Corbie)
  ''978-1-902407-05-0   ''The Story of Scotland's Flag and the Lion and Thistle (Corbie)
  ''978-1-902407-06-7   ''Story of William Wallace (Corbie)
2001978-1-902407-16-6   ''Greyfriars Bobby (Corbie)
2005978-1-902407-33-3Suhayl Saadhi · Catherine McInerneyFreedom Spring: Ten Years on
2006978-1-902407-35-7Alexander WarrackConcise Scots Dialect Dictionary
  ''978-1-902407-37-1Matthew FittTime Tram Dundee
2007978-1-902407-38-8Robert Louis StevensonKidnapped, A Graphic Novel in Full Colour
2007978-1-902407-39-5Robert Louis Stevenson · Alan GrantKidnapped: A Graphic Novel in Full Colour
2009978-1-902407-42-5Tony BonningYoung Shakespeare
2008978-1-902407-44-9Robert Louis StevensonThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: A Graphic Novel in Full Colour
2007978-1-902407-45-6Maw BroonMaw Broon's Cookbook: The Broon's Cookbook - for Every Day and Special Days
2009978-1-902407-51-7The BroonsMaw Broon's But an' Ben Cookbook and Apron Gift Pack
2007978-1-902407-53-1Charles NasmythThe Comic Legend of William McGonagall: A Pictorial Story Based on the Life of the World's Worst Poet with Illustrated Verse
2008978-1-902407-61-6Maw BroonMaw Broon's But An' Ben Cookbook: A Cookbook for Every Season, Using All the Goodness of the Land
  ''978-1-902407-67-8Alexander McKenzieThe Highland Clearances (Scottish Hsitories)
  ''978-1-902407-71-5Broon FamilyThe Broons' Burns Night
  ''978-1-902407-73-9Morris Heggie · Christopher RichesThe History of the Beano: The Story So Far
  ''978-1-902407-74-6Rene La SagneThe Complete Book of Mince
2009978-1-902407-77-7Eleanor CowanTraditional Scottish Recipes (Waverley Scottish Classics)
2009978-1-902407-79-1George McKayScottish Names (Waverley Scottish Classics)
  ''978-1-902407-80-7Julian HollandDiscovering Scotland's Lost Railways
  ''978-1-902407-81-4Robert BurnsRobert Burns in Your Pocket: A Biography, and Selected Poems and Songs, of Scotland's National Poet
2011978-1-902407-83-8Judy HamiltonScottish Murders (Waverley Scottish Classics)
2009978-1-902407-84-5   ''Scottish Myths and Legends (Waverley Scottish Classics)
  ''978-1-902407-87-6George MackayScottish Place Names (Waverley Scottish Classics)
  ''978-1-902407-88-3Chris FindlaterScottish Songs (Waverley Scottish Classics)
2009978-1-902407-89-0Oor WullieJings! (Oor Wullie Funbooks)
  ''978-1-902407-90-6oor WullieCrivvens! (Oor Wullie Funbooks)
  ''978-1-902407-91-3Oor WullieHelp Ma Boab! (Oor Wullie Funbooks)
2009978-1-902407-92-0Oor WullieAwfy Braw - Oor Wullie Funbooks Number One
  ''978-1-902407-93-7Jan BowmanThis is Birmingham: A Glimpse of the City's Secret Treasures
  ''978-1-902407-94-4Broon Family · David DonaldsonThe Broon's Day Oot
  ''978-1-902407-95-1Maw BroonMaw Broon's Remedies An' Suchlike: My Wee Book O' Bits and Pieces
  ''978-1-902407-98-2The BroonsThe Broons' Book of Gairdenin' Wisdoms
2010978-1-902407-99-9David Donaldson · Catherine BrownMaw Broon's Cooking with Bairns: Recipes and Basics to Help Kids