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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-902109-00-8Hermann BuchnerStormbird: Flying Through Fire as a Luftwaffe Ground-attack Pilot and ME 262 Ace
2002978-1-902109-03-9Ivo de JongMission 376 - Battle Over the Reich: 28 May 1944
2008978-1-902109-04-6Yefim Gordon · Dmitrii KomissarovChinese Aircraft: History of China's Aviation Industry 1951-2007
  ''978-1-902109-05-3Roger BonifaceMiGs Over North Vietnam: The Vietnam Peoples Air Force in Combat 1965 - 1975
  ''978-1-902109-06-0Walter SchuckLuftwaffe Eagle: 206 Combat Victories in the Me 109 and Me262
  ''978-1-902109-07-7Michael UllmannLuftwaffe Colours 1935 - 1945
2009978-1-902109-08-4Yefim GordonSoviet Strategic Aviation in the Cold War
  ''978-1-902109-09-1Chris DunningCourage Alone: The Italian Air Force 1940-1943
1999978-1-902109-10-7Patrick LaureauCondor: The Luftwaffe in Spain 1936-1939
2001978-1-902109-11-4Tim MasonThe Cold War Years: Flight Testing at Boscombe down 1945-1975
2010978-1-902109-12-1Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovRussian Strategic Aviation Today
2010978-1-902109-13-8Tim MasonThe Seaplane Years: A History of the Marine & Armament Experimental Establishment, 1920-1924, and the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, 1924-1956
  ''978-1-902109-14-5   ''The Secret Years: Flight Testing at Boscombe Down 1939-1945 (Hikoki)
  ''978-1-902109-15-2Captain Eric BrownWings of the Luftwaffe: Flying German Aircraft of World War II (Consign)
  ''978-1-902109-16-9Captain Eric BrownWings of the Weird and Wonderful (Consign)
2011978-1-902109-17-6Chris GibsonVulcan's Hammer: V-Force Aircraft and Weapons Projects Since 1945
  ''978-1-902109-18-3Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft
2012978-1-902109-19-0Rivas SantiagoWings of Courage: The Argentine Air War Over the Falklands
2012978-1-902109-21-3Tony Buttler · Jean-Louis DelezenneX-planes of Europe: Secret Research Aircraft of the Cold War
  ''978-1-902109-22-0Santiago RivasWings of the Malvinas: The Argentine Air War Over the Falklands
2011978-1-902109-23-7Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet Tactical Aviation
2012978-1-902109-24-4Tony ButtlerBritish Experimental & Prototype Aircraft of WWII
  ''978-1-902109-25-1Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet Air Defence Aviation: 1945-1991
  ''978-1-902109-26-8Chris GibsonBattle Flight: RAF Air Defence Projects and Weapons Since 1945
2013978-1-902109-27-5Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet and Russian Miltary Aircraft in Africa
  ''978-1-902109-28-2Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissaSoviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Middle East: Air Arms, Equipment and Conflicts Since 1955
2013978-1-902109-30-5Tony ButtlerEarly US Jet Fighters: Proposals, Projects and Prototypes
  ''978-1-902109-31-2Gordon Yefim · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet Naval Aviation
  ''978-1-902109-32-9Captain Eric 'Winkle' BrownWings of the Navy
2002978-1-902109-33-6Geoffrey J. Thomas · Barry KetleyKg 200
2006978-1-902109-34-3Michael UllmannLuftwaffe Colours, 1935-1945
2014978-1-902109-38-1Dave Forster · Chris Gibsonlistening In: Electronic Intelligence Gathering since 1945 (Crecy Publishing)
  ''978-1-902109-39-8Wolfgang WollenweberThunder Over the Reich: Flying the Luftwaffe's He 162 Jet Fighter (Crecy Publishing)
2004978-1-902109-40-4John Manrho · Ron PutzBodenplatte: The Luftwaffe's Last Hope
  ''978-1-902109-42-8Harold ThieleLuftwaffe Aerial Torpedo Aircraft and Operations: In World War Two
2004978-1-902109-43-5Thomas G. Ivie · Paul LudwigSpitfires and Yellow Tail Mustangs: The 52nd Fighter Group in World War II
2006978-1-902109-44-2Dan HagedornLatin American Air Wars and Aircraft 1912-1969: Seventy Years of Conflict in the Skies of Central and South America
2005978-1-902109-45-9Henry Sakaida · Gary Nila · Koji TakakiI-400: Japan's Secret Air Strike Submarine - Objective Panama Canal
2015978-1-902109-46-6Gordon Yefim · Sergey KomissarovYakolev Aircraft of World War Two (Hikoki)
  ''978-1-902109-47-3Chris GibsonNimrod's Genesis (Hikoki)
  ''978-1-902109-48-0Tony ButlerX-Planes of Europe II: Military Prototype Aircraft from the Golden Age
2016978-1-902109-49-7Santiago RivasAxis Aircraft in Latin America
  ''978-1-902109-50-3Robert HopkinsSpyflights and Overflights: US Strategic Aerial Reconnaissance, 1945-1960: Volume 1
  ''978-1-902109-51-0Chris GibsonOn Atlas' Shoulders: RAF Transport Aircraft Projects Since 1945
2016978-1-902109-53-4Dave ForsterBlack Box Canberras: British Test and Trials Canberras Since 1951
  ''978-1-902109-54-1Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarouSoviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Americas: Volume 4
2019978-1-902109-56-5Robert S HopkinsSAC in the UK: Reflex, Refuelling, and Reconnaissance, 1946-1992
  ''978-1-902109-61-9Babak TaghvaeeGuardians of the Ukraine: The Ukrainian Air Force Since 1992
1999978-1-902109-63-3Michael DraperShadows: Airlift and Airwar in Biafra and Nigeria 1967-1970
2001978-1-902109-73-2Bartlomiej Belcarz · Robert PeczkowskiWhite Eagles: The Aircraft, Men and Operations of the Polish Air Force 1918-1939