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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-901983-01-2John NunnSecrets of Practical Chess (Gambit chess)
  ''978-1-901983-02-9Graham Burgess101 Chess Opening Surprises (Gambit chess)
  ''978-1-901983-03-6Paul MotwaniS.T.A.R. Chess (Gambit chess)
  ''978-1-901983-04-3Steffen PedersenThe GAMBIT Guide to the Bogo-Indian (Gambit chess)
  ''978-1-901983-05-0Murray ChandlerHow to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Chess for Schools)
1998978-1-901983-06-7Xie JunChess Champion from China: The Life and Games of Xie Jun (Gambit chess)
1999978-1-901983-07-4John WatsonSecrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances Since Nimzowitsch
  ''978-1-901983-08-1John NunnJohn Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book: Test and Improve Your Over-the-Board Decision-making
  ''978-1-901983-09-8Jonathan RowsonUnderstanding the Grunfeld: An Absorbing Explanation of a Fighting Opening by a Leading Young Exponent
  ''978-1-901983-10-4Hans BerlinerThe System: A World Champion's Approach to Chess
  ''978-1-901983-11-1Grigory Konstantinovich SanakoevWorld Champion at the Third Attempt: 59 Chess Masterpieces by a Correspondence World Champion (Gambit chess)
1998978-1-901983-13-5Stephen Giddins101 Chess Opening Traps: A Collection of Deadly Traps New and Old to Catch Opponents of All Standards (Gambit chess)
1999978-1-901983-14-2Tony KostenThe Dynamic English: The aggressive player's guide to a traditional chess opening
1999978-1-901983-15-9Steffen PedersenThe GAMBIT Guide to the Benko Gambit
  ''978-1-901983-16-6John Nunn101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures
  ''978-1-901983-17-3Graham BurgessThe GAMBIT Guide to the Torre Attack
  ''978-1-901983-18-0John NunnSecrets of Rook Endings
  ''978-1-901983-19-7Carsten HansenThe GAMBIT Guide to the English Opening 1...E5
2000978-1-901983-20-3Joe Gallagher101 Attacking Ideas in Chess
1999978-1-901983-21-0Graham BurgessChess Highlights of the 20th Century: The Best Chess 1900-1999 in Historical Context
1999978-1-901983-22-7Angus Dunnington101 Winning Chess Strategies
2001978-1-901983-23-4John WatsonThe GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni
1999978-1-901983-24-1Alex YermolinskyThe Road to Chess Improvement
2000978-1-901983-25-8Larry ChristiansenStorming the Barricades: Lessons in Attacking Chess from a Top American Grandmaster
  ''978-1-901983-26-5Steffen PedersenThe Botvinnik Semi-Slav: Full Coverage of the Sharpest of Opening Systems
  ''978-1-901983-27-2John EmmsPlay the Open Games as Black: What to Do When White Avoids the Ruy Lopez
  ''978-1-901983-29-6John EmmsThe Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Time: A Top English Grandmaster Explains the 200 Most Astonishing and Instructive Moves in the History of Chess
  ''978-1-901983-30-2John NunnLearn Chess
2000978-1-901983-31-9Drazen MarovicUnderstanding Pawn Play in Chess: A Grandmaster Shows How to Make the Most of Your Pawns
  ''978-1-901983-33-3Graham BurgessThe Taimanov Sicilian: Expert Coverage of a Flexible Sicilian System
  ''978-1-901983-34-0John EmmsThe Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book
  ''978-1-901983-35-7Steffen PedersenTest Your Chess: Assess and Improve Your Chess Skills
2001978-1-901983-36-4Jonathan RowsonThe Seven Deadly Chess Sins (Scotland's Youngest Grandmaster Discusses the Most Common Ca)
2000978-1-901983-37-1Lasha JanjgavaThe Queen's Gambit and Catalan for Black: A Grandmaster Explains a Solid and Dependable Repertoire
  ''978-1-901983-40-1Carsten HansenThe Symmetrical English
2001978-1-901983-41-8John NunnUnderstanding Chess Move by Move
2001978-1-901983-42-5Igor StohlInstructive Modern Chess Masterpieces
  ''978-1-901983-43-2Drazen MarovicDynamic Pawn Play in Chess
  ''978-1-901983-44-9Graham BurgessThe Slav
  ''978-1-901983-45-6Steffen PedersenThe Main Line French: 3 Nc3 (Gambit Chess)
  ''978-1-901983-46-3Lasha JanjgavaThe Petroff, The (Gambit Chess)
2001978-1-901983-47-0Jesper HallChess Training for Budding Champions: A Unique Self-training Course in the Essentials of Chess
2005978-1-901983-49-4Steffen PedersenThe French: Tarrasch Variation
2001978-1-901983-50-0Jouni Yrjola · Jussi TellaAn Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black: A Complete System for Black Based on 1...D6!
2002978-1-901983-52-4Alexander Beliavsky · Adrian MikhalchishinSecrets of Chess Intuition: Insightful Discussion of a Major Chess Topic
2001978-1-901983-53-1Karsten Muller · Frank LamprechtFundamental Chess Endings: A New One-volume Endgame Encyclopaedia for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-901983-54-8Viswanathan AnandVishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess
2002978-1-901983-55-5Valeri BeimChess Recipes from the Grandmaster's Kitchen: Lessons in Chess Strategy and Thinking Methods
  ''978-1-901983-56-2Eduardas Rozentalis · Andrew HarleyPlay the 2 c3 Sicilian
2004978-1-901983-57-9Tapani SammalvuoThe English Attack
2002978-1-901983-58-6Carsten HansenThe Nimzo-Indian 4...E3
  ''978-1-901983-59-3David LeMoirHow to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician: Terrorize and Bewilder Your Chess Opponents!
  ''978-1-901983-64-7Murray ChandlerComo Ganar a tu Papa Al Ajedrez: Incluye los 50 Jaque Mates Mas Mortiferos
2002978-1-901983-65-4John NunnSecrets of Pawnless Endings
  ''978-1-901983-66-1   ''Solving in Style
  ''978-1-901983-67-8John Walker64 Things You Need to Know in Chess: A Renowned Chess Teacher Provides Essential Knowledge for Improving Players
  ''978-1-901983-68-5Krzysztof Panczyk · Jacek IlczukThe Cambridge Springs
2003978-1-901983-69-2John WatsonChess Strategy in Action
2002978-1-901983-71-5Yuri YakovichThe Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian
  ''978-1-901983-72-2Valeri BeimUnderstanding the Leningrad Dutch
2003978-1-901983-73-9Drazen MarovicSecrets of Positional Chess: How to Exploit Strengths and Weaknesses on the Chessboard
2003978-1-901983-74-6Lasha JanjgavaKing's Indian and Gruenfeld: Fianchetto Lines
2002978-1-901983-75-3John WatsonGeheimnisse der Modernen Schachstrategie
  ''978-1-901983-76-0John NunnSchach Verstehen Zug um Zug
  ''978-1-901983-77-7Alex YermolinskyDer Weg zur Verbesserung im Schach
  ''978-1-901983-79-1Jesper HallSchachtraining fur Angehende Champions
  ''978-1-901983-80-7Murray ChandlerErfolg im Schach
2002978-1-901983-81-4Drazen MarovicGeheimnisse der Bauernfuhrung im Schach
  ''978-1-901983-82-1Larry ChristiansenErsturmung der Barrikaden
  ''978-1-901983-83-8John NunnEndgame Challenge
2003978-1-901983-84-5Dorian RogozenkoAnti-Sicilians: A Guide for Black
2005978-1-901983-85-2Jonathan RowsonChess for Zebras: Thinking Differently about Black and White
2003978-1-901983-87-6Viacheslav EingornDecision-Making at the Chessboard
  ''978-1-901983-88-3Simon WilliamsPlay the Classical Dutch: An Aggressive Repertoire Explained by One of Its Leading Young Exponents
  ''978-1-901983-89-0Stephen GiddinsHow to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire: A User-friendly Guide to Choosing and Planning Your Openings
2003978-1-901983-90-6Jouni Yrjola · Jussi TellaThe Queen's Indian: Detailed Explanation of an Important and Popular Chess Opening
  ''978-1-901983-91-3Mihail MarinSecrets of Chess Defence
  ''978-1-901983-92-0Alfonso RomeroCreative Chess Strategy
  ''978-1-901983-93-7Valeri BeimLessons in Chess Strategy
2004978-1-901983-95-1Joe Gallagher365 Ways to Checkmate
2003978-1-901983-96-8Karsten Muller · Frank LamprechtGrundlagen Der Schachendspiele
  ''978-1-901983-97-5Ian SnapeChess Endings Made Simple
2004978-1-901983-98-2John NunnLearn Chess Tactics
2003978-1-901983-99-9Murray ChandlerChess Tactics for Kids (Chess for Schools)