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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-901949-36-0Betsy de ThierryWhat Now?: An Introduction to Living Life with Jesus at the Centre
  ''978-1-901949-38-4Randolph VickersThe Anointing to Heal
  ''978-1-901949-39-1Rowland EvansForty-five Minutes in China
2006978-1-901949-44-5David PawsonJesus Baptises in One Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-901949-46-9David PawsonChristianity Explained
2012978-1-901949-50-6   ''Leadership is Male: What does the Bible say?
2007978-1-901949-52-0   ''The Road to Hell: Everlasting Torment or Annihilation?
2012978-1-901949-53-7   ''Word and Spirit Together: Uniting Charismatics and Evangelicals
  ''978-1-901949-55-1   ''Is John 3:16 the Gospel?
2012978-1-901949-56-8David PawsonWhy Does God Allow Natural Disasters?
2012978-1-901949-58-2David PawsonPractising the Principles of Prayer
  ''978-1-901949-59-9   ''The God and the Gospel of Righteousness
2008978-1-901949-60-5   ''Living in Hope
  ''978-1-901949-61-2   ''Come with Me Through Revelation
  ''978-1-901949-62-9   ''Defending Christian Zionism
2009978-1-901949-64-3David PawsonIsrael in the New Testament
  ''978-1-901949-66-7   ''Come with Me Through Mark
2010978-1-901949-68-1   ''Come with Me Through Isaiah
2012978-1-901949-69-8   ''Israel in the New Testament
  ''978-1-901949-70-4   ''Jesus Baptises in one Holy Spirit