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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-901927-00-9Adrian WilsonThe Righteous Brother
1997978-1-901927-01-6Chris FirthMiasma
1998978-1-901927-02-3Margery RamsdenDark Places
  ''978-1-901927-03-0M. Y. AlamAnnie Potts is Dead
  ''978-1-901927-04-7Adrian Wilson · Alice NutterTubthumping: New Writing from Yorkshire (New Yorkshire stories)
2000978-1-901927-05-4Chris FirthThe Unexpected Pond
  ''978-1-901927-06-1Susan EverettCrazy Horse
  ''978-1-901927-07-8Adrian Wilson · Daithidh MacEochaidhLike a Dog to Its Vomit
2001978-1-901927-08-5Michelle Scally-ClarkeI am
2002978-1-901927-09-2M. Y. AlamKilo
2002978-1-901927-10-8Ian DaleyWarehouse
2000978-1-901927-11-5Rommi SmithMoveable Type
  ''978-1-901927-12-2Adrian WilsonVery Acme
  ''978-1-901927-13-9Ian DaleyMay Day May Day: Stories from the Warehouse Generation
2001978-1-901927-14-6Val CaleThe Blackstuff, The
  ''978-1-901927-15-3Jo Pearson · Daithidh MacEochaidh · Peter KnaggsHalf a Pint of Tristram Shandy
  ''978-1-901927-16-0Anthony CropperWeatherman
2002978-1-901927-17-7J.R. EndeacottOne Northern Soul
2002978-1-901927-18-4Chloe PoemsAdult Entertainment
2003978-1-901927-19-1M. Y. Alam · Anthony Cropper · Ian DaleyNext Stop Hope
  ''978-1-901927-20-7Mark Gwynne JonesPsychicbread
2004978-1-901927-21-4Anthony CropperJack and Sal
  ''978-1-901927-22-1Michelle Scally-ClarkeShe is
  ''978-1-901927-23-8Anthony Cropper · Ian DaleyNaked City (Route)
2005978-1-901927-24-5Crista Ermiya · Michael Nath · Tania Hershman · Philip Hancock · James Nash · James K WalkerWonderwall (Route)
  ''978-1-901927-25-2Simon WarnerHowl for Now: A Celebration of Allen Ginsberg's Epic Protest Poem
2006978-1-901927-26-9Ian Daley · Emily PennRoute Compendium
2006978-1-901927-27-6Tom Palmer · James Nash · John SiddiqueFour Fathers
  ''978-1-901927-28-3Ian DaleyIdeas Above Our Station Route Series
  ''978-1-901927-29-0Steve DeardenA Couple of Stops (Light Transports S.)
  ''978-1-901927-30-6   ''Commutes (Light Transports S.)
  ''978-1-901927-31-3   ''Intercity (Light Transports S.)
2006978-1-901927-32-0M.Y. AlamMade in Bradford
2007978-1-901927-33-7Ian ClaytonBringing It All Back Home
2008978-1-901927-34-4Ian DaleyBonne Route
  ''978-1-901927-35-1Ian ClaytonBringing It All Back Home
  ''978-1-901927-36-8Ian DaleyRoute Offline: A Festival of Short Stories
2009978-1-901927-37-5Ramon ChaoThe Train of Ice and Fire: Mano Negra in Colombia
  ''978-1-901927-38-2Anthony CropperNature's Magician
2008978-1-901927-39-9Anne CaldwellSome Girls' Mothers
2009978-1-901927-40-5Catherine BrowneBorn in the 1980s: Stories from Our So-Called Generation (Route)
  ''978-1-901927-41-2Paul Laverty · Ken Loach · Eric CantonaLooking For Eric
2010978-1-901927-42-9Ian DaleyThe Route Book at Bedtime (Route Series of Contemporary Stories)
2010978-1-901927-43-6Michael NathLa Rochelle
  ''978-1-901927-44-3Ramon ChaoThe Train of Ice and Fire: Mano Negra in Colombia
  ''978-1-901927-45-0Amadou Bagayogo · Mariam DoumbiaAway from the Light of Day - The Autobiography of Amadou and Mariam
2011978-1-901927-46-7M Y AlamThe Invisible Village: Small World, Big Society
  ''978-1-901927-47-4Paul Laverty · Ken Loach · Mark Townsend · Haifa Zangana · Mike PhippsRoute Irish
2012978-1-901927-48-1Ada WilsonRed Army Faction Blues
  ''978-1-901927-49-8M. Y. AlamRed Laal
2013978-1-901927-50-4Ramon ChaoBecause Cuba is You
2012978-1-901927-51-1Steve McKevittEverything Now: Communication, Persuasion and Control: How the instant society is shaping what we think
2012978-1-901927-52-8Sophie CoulombeauRites
  ''978-1-901927-53-5Janet WatsonNothing Ever Happens in Wentbridge
  ''978-1-901927-54-2Tom HingleyCarpet Burns: My Life with Inspiral Carpets
  ''978-1-901927-55-9Paul Laverty · Ken LoachThe Angels' Share
  ''978-1-901927-56-6Joel WillansSpellbound: Stories of Women's Magic Over Men
2013978-1-901927-57-3David P. WaddingtonCoal, Goals and Ashes: Fryston Colliery's Pursuit of the West Riding County FA Challenge Cup
2014978-1-901927-58-0Steve Hanley · Olivia PiekarskiThe Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall
2016978-1-901927-59-7Tom HingleyCarpet Burns: My Life with Inspiral Carpets: tom Hingley
2014978-1-901927-60-3Michael NathBritish Story: A Romance
2014978-1-901927-61-0Paul Laverty · Ken LoachJimmy's Hall
  ''978-1-901927-62-7Ian ClaytonSong for My Father
2016978-1-901927-63-4   ''Right Up Your Street: Volume 1: The Express Columns
2014978-1-901927-64-1Mark Gwynne JonesWordworms
2016978-1-901927-65-8Steve Hanley · Olivia PiekarskiThe Big Midweek: Life Inside the Fall
  ''978-1-901927-66-5Clinton HeylinAnarchy in the Year Zero: The Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Class of '76
  ''978-1-901927-67-2Paul Laverty · Ken LoachI, Daniel Blake
  ''978-1-901927-68-9Clinton HeylinJudas!: From Forest Hills To The Free Trade Hall: A Historical View Of The Big Boo
2017978-1-901927-69-6Simon WolstencroftYou Can Drum But You Can't Hide
2017978-1-901927-70-2Maureen PrestKing of Clubs
  ''978-1-901927-71-9Paul HanleyLeave The Capital: A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings
  ''978-1-901927-72-6Clinton HeylinTrouble In Mind: Bob Dylan's Gospel Years: What Really Happened: clifton Heylin