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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-901923-03-2Glenn HarroldPositive Thinking (Diviniti)
2001978-1-901923-12-4Glenn HarroldRaise Your Energy and Motivation (Hypnosis Series)
  ''978-1-901923-13-1   ''Creating Inner Peace and Calm (Hypnosis Series)
  ''978-1-901923-15-5   ''A Children's Confidence Tape (Hypnosis Series)
  ''978-1-901923-20-9   ''Deep Sleep Every Night
2009978-1-901923-21-6   ''Complete Relaxation (Divinity)
2001978-1-901923-22-3Glenn HarroldDevelop Your Self Confidence (Diviniti)
2000978-1-901923-23-0   ''Learn How To Think Positively
2004978-1-901923-24-7   ''Stop Smoking Forever
  ''978-1-901923-25-4   ''Lose Weight Now
  ''978-1-901923-26-1   ''Build Your Self Esteem
2003978-1-901923-27-8Glenn HarroldCreate Unlimited Financial Abundance
  ''978-1-901923-28-5   ''Develop Successful Relationships
  ''978-1-901923-29-2   ''Heal Your Body
2000978-1-901923-30-8   ''A Guided Meditation (Divinity)
2003978-1-901923-31-5   ''Develop A Powerful Memory
2002978-1-901923-32-2Glenn HarroldRaise Your Energy & Motivation
  ''978-1-901923-33-9   ''Creating Inner Peace & Calm
  ''978-1-901923-34-6   ''Overcome Fears & Phobias
2005978-1-901923-35-3   ''A Children's Confidence CD
2002978-1-901923-36-0   ''Play Great Golf
2002978-1-901923-37-7Glenn HarroldOvercome the Fear of Flying
  ''978-1-901923-38-4   ''Unleash Your True Potential (Divinity)
  ''978-1-901923-39-1   ''Overcome Exam Nerves (Divinity)
2003978-1-901923-69-8   ''A Chakra Meditation
2005978-1-901923-70-4   ''Overcome Addictions
2006978-1-901923-71-1Glenn HarroldPass Your Driving Test/Driving Nerves
2007978-1-901923-72-8   ''Exercise and Fitness Motivation
978-1-901923-73-5Meditation for Inner Wisdom
2010978-1-901923-76-6Glenn HarroldBe Happy
2005978-1-901923-79-7   ''Create Wealth & Abundance
  ''978-1-901923-89-6Christiane KerrEnchanted Meditations for Kids
  ''978-1-901923-90-2Christiane KerrBedtime Meditations for Kids (Calm Kids)
2006978-1-901923-91-9   ''Mermaids and Fairy Dust (Calm for Kids)
2007978-1-901923-92-6   ''Rays of Calm (Calm for Kids)
2006978-1-901923-95-7Glenn HarroldLose Weight Now (Limited Edition With Free Cd) (Exclusive To Amazon.Co.Uk) [DVD]
2006978-1-901923-96-4Glenn HarroldComplete Relaxation (Limited Edition With Free Cd) (Exclusive To Amazon.Co.Uk) [DVD]