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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-901587-00-5David HarveyMi Amigo: The Story of Sheffield's Flying Fortress
  ''978-1-901587-03-6Alistair William Gordon LofthouseShiney Sheff: The Story of the Three HMS Sheffields: Story of Sheffield's Fighting Ships
1999978-1-901587-05-0Peter MachanThe Dramatic Story of the Sheffield Flood
2013978-1-901587-09-8Alistair William Gordon LofthouseThen & Now The Sheffield Blitz: Operation Crucible
  ''978-1-901587-17-3Fred PassWeerz me dad?: A collection of autobiographical childhood stories of the 40s and 50s
2005978-1-901587-18-0Don AlexanderOrreight Mi Ol
2013978-1-901587-23-4Noel CashfordAll Mine: Memoirs of a Naval Bomb and Mine Disposal Officer
2005978-1-901587-27-2Pat DallmanThe Story of Sheffield High Street
978-1-901587-28-9Don AlexanderThe Lighter Side of the War
2011978-1-901587-32-6Grenoside Local History GroupRound and About Grenoside: v.1: Vol 1
978-1-901587-40-1Ray BattyeThe Forgotten Mines of Sheffield
2006978-1-901587-47-0Mick DrewryThe Complete Hillsborough by Her People
  ''978-1-901587-49-4Alistair William Gordon LofthouseSheffield Central: Then and Now
  ''978-1-901587-61-6Noel CashfordTicking Clock
2007978-1-901587-66-1Fred PassWeerz Me Mam?
2009978-1-901587-67-8David BattyeSheffield Dialect: and Folklore since the Second World War: a Dying Tradition
2008978-1-901587-71-5Noel CashfordBang, Stories of Bangs from 1917 on