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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-901570-05-2TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 1997/98
1999978-1-901570-06-9"Timeform"Racehorses of 1998
  ''978-1-901570-11-3John PinfoldGallant Sport: The Authentic History of Liverpool Races and the Grand National
  ''978-1-901570-13-7TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 1998/99
2000978-1-901570-14-4John ScanlonAlways Trying: Mark Johnston, a Trainer's Year
1999978-1-901570-15-1John Randall · Tony MorrisCentury of Champions: Horse-Racing's Millennium Book
2000978-1-901570-17-5"Timeform"Racehorses of 1999
2001978-1-901570-26-7TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 2000/2001
2002978-1-901570-29-8"Timeform"Racehorses of 2001
  ''978-1-901570-32-8TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 2001/2002
2003978-1-901570-39-7   ''Chasers and Hurdlers 2002/2003
  ''978-1-901570-40-3Keith ElliottElliott's Golf Form 2004
2004978-1-901570-41-0TimeformRacehorses of 2003 2003
2005978-1-901570-49-6   ''"Timeform" Horses to Follow 2005 Flat Racing Season 2005
2005978-1-901570-53-3TimeformTimeform Horses to Follow 2005/06 Jumps 2005/2006: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-54-0Keith ElliottElliott's Golf Form 2006
2006978-1-901570-56-4TimeformHorses to Follow 2006: Flat Season
  ''978-1-901570-60-1Timeform Horses to Follow 2006/07 Jumps 2006/2007: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-61-8Keith ElliottElliott's Golf Form 2007
  ''978-1-901570-62-5Chris PittA Long Time Gone
2007978-1-901570-63-2"Timeform"Racehorses of 2006 2006
2007978-1-901570-64-9Timeform"Timeform" Horses to Follow 2007 Flat Season 2007: A "Timeform" Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-65-6Steve TaplinSteve Taplin Two Year Olds of 2007 2007
  ''978-1-901570-66-3TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 2006-2007
2008978-1-901570-68-7   ''Racehorses of 2007: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-70-0   ''Chasers and Hurdlers 2007/2008: A "Timeform" Racing Publication
2009978-1-901570-72-4"Timeform"Racehorses, 2008
  ''978-1-901570-74-8TimeformChasers and Hurdlers 2008/2009: A "Timeform" Racing Publication
2009978-1-901570-75-5Timeform Editorial Team"Timeform" Horses to Follow 2009/10 Jumps
2010978-1-901570-76-2"Timeform"Racehorses 2009: A "Timeform" Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-78-6TimeformChasers & Hurdlers 2009/2010: A Timeform Racing Publication
2011978-1-901570-80-9"Timeform"Racehorses 2010: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-82-3TimeformChasers & Hurdlers 2010/11: A Timeform Racing Publication
2012978-1-901570-85-4"Timeform"Timeform Horses to Follow Flat 2012: A Timeform Racing Publication
2013978-1-901570-90-8TimeformChasers & Hurdlers 2012/13: A Timeform Racing Publication
2013978-1-901570-91-5TimeformTimeform Horses to Follow Jumps Season 2013/14
  ''978-1-901570-92-2   ''Modern Greats: A Timeform Racing Publication
2014978-1-901570-93-9   ''Racehorses 2013: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-95-3   ''Chasers & Hurdlers 2013/14: A Timeform Racing Publication
  ''978-1-901570-96-0"Timeform"Timeform Horses to Follow 2014/15 Jumps: A Timeform Racing Publication