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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-901250-00-8Simon Reeve · Colin McGheeThe Millennium Bomb (A Vision investigation)
1998978-1-901250-05-3Peter HounamThe Woman from Mossad: Torment of Mordechai Vanunu (VISION Investigations)
  ''978-1-901250-07-7Heidi KingstoneDirty Business: Who Plays Fair in the Boardroom? (VISION Investigations)
  ''978-1-901250-08-4Simon ReeveNew Emperors: Who Organises Crime? (VISION Investigations)
  ''978-1-901250-09-1Christopher MitchellTobacco Wars (VISION Investigations)
1997978-1-901250-11-4David BlackAcid: Secret History of LSD (Vision investigations)
1998978-1-901250-17-6Peter Hounam · Derek McAdamWho Killed Diana? (VISION Investigations)
  ''978-1-901250-18-3Colin ChallenThe Price of Power: Secret Funding of the Tory Party (VISION Investigations)
1998978-1-901250-19-0Switzerland's Peaks of Despair
1999978-1-901250-24-4Evans · Glenn D. WilsonFame: the Psychology of Stardom
2002978-1-901250-27-5C.Moles- KauppThe Erotic Cookbook
1999978-1-901250-28-2Gisela SchreiberThe Hemp Handbook
  ''978-1-901250-29-9Ian Newton · Nathan WilliamsDustbingate! The Plot to Rubbish Prescott
2001978-1-901250-30-5David BlackAcid: A New Secret History of LSD
1999978-1-901250-32-9Wendy BarnabyThe Plague Makers: The Secret World of Biological Warfare
2000978-1-901250-38-1Crystal LoveThe Mystic Mind
1999978-1-901250-39-8Andy GravetteClassic Cuban Cookbook
2000978-1-901250-40-4Christopher MoseyCar Wars: Battles on the Road to Nowhere
  ''978-1-901250-43-5Robert RosenNowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon
2001978-1-901250-48-0Craig McGillDo No Harm? Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome
  ''978-1-901250-49-7John ConroyUnspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture
2000978-1-901250-51-0Ann Goetting · Caroline JoryGetting Out: Life Stories of Women Who Left Abusive Men
2001978-1-901250-52-7Craig McGillFootball Inc.: How Soccer Fans Are Losing the Game
  ''978-1-901250-54-1Glenn D. Wilson · Chris McLaughlinThe Science of Love
2001978-1-901250-59-6Andrew EvansThis Virtual Life: Escapism and Simulation in Our Media World
2000978-1-901250-64-0Paul BenhaimH.E.M.P.: Healthy Eating Made Possible
  ''978-1-901250-67-1Jo-Anne BakerSelf Sexual Healing: Finding Pleasure within
  ''978-1-901250-68-8Chelsea Cain · Moon ZappaWild Child: Growing Up in the Counterculture
1999978-1-901250-69-5Michael PooleRomancing Mary Jane: A Year in the Life of a Failed Marijuana Grower
2000978-1-901250-70-1Dan SavageThe Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant
  ''978-1-901250-71-8Dan SavageSavage Love: Straight Answers from A Queer Sex Columnist
2002978-1-901250-75-6J.H. HatfieldFortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
1999978-1-901250-77-0Andy GravetteThe Saucy Little Cookbook
  ''978-1-901250-78-7Maggie PaleyThe Book of the Penis
1999978-1-901250-79-4Andrew DowlingThe Godless Pilgrim
2005978-1-901250-80-0Peter HounamOperation Cyanide: How the Bombing of the USS "Liberty" Nearly Sparked World War III
  ''978-1-901250-86-2Tim Fuell60 Second Cult Classics: The Best Books in the World in Less Than a Minute! (60 Second Classics)
2001978-1-901250-87-9Hans J. MassaquoiDestined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany
  ''978-1-901250-88-6Gloria G. BrameCome Hither! A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex
  ''978-1-901250-94-7Judith S. Wallerstein · Julia Lewis · Sandra BlakesleeThe Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study
  ''978-1-901250-95-4Lynn Hersha · Dale Griffis · Ted SchwarzSecret Weapons: How Two Sisters Were Brainwashed to Kill for Their Country
2001978-1-901250-96-1Tim RifatRemote Viewing: What it is, Who Uses it and How to Do it