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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1998978-1-901092-03-5Leon KrierArchitecture Choice or Fate
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2002978-1-901092-12-7   ''Truth, Radicality and Beyond in Contemporary Architechture (New Architecture)
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  ''978-1-901092-33-2Victor ArwasArt Nouveau: From Mackintosh to Liberty - The Birth of a Style
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2004978-1-901092-44-8Rob Kesseler · Madeline HarleyPollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers
2003978-1-901092-46-2Alexandra PapadakisInnovation: from Experimentation to Realisation
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2007978-1-901092-57-8Allan GreenbergLutyens and the Modern Movement
  ''978-1-901092-64-6Papadakis PublisherEssays In Architecture (Newarchitecture (Papadakis Publisher))
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2010978-1-901092-80-6Philip HowseButterflies: Messages from Psyche
2008978-1-901092-82-0Charles FlowerWhere Have All The Flowers Gone?: Restoring Wildflowers to the Countryside
2007978-1-901092-85-1Made In Brunel Team 2007Made in Brunel: Making Our Mark
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2009978-1-901092-98-1Devised by Antoine VigneLe Corbusier