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1997978-1-900924-01-6Robert GreenfieldJourney Through America With...
  ''978-1-900924-02-3Kingsley AbbottBack To The Beach: A Brian Wilson and the "Beach Boys" Reader
1998978-1-900924-03-0Neville XTC and FarmerXTC: Song Stories: The Exclusive Authorized Story Behind the Music
2000978-1-900924-06-1C. P. LeeLike a Bullet of Night: The Films of Bob Dylan
1999978-1-900924-10-8Paolo HewittThe Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology: A Mod Reader
2000978-1-900924-11-5Clinton HeylinNo More Sad Refrains: The Life and Times of Sandy Denny
2007978-1-900924-13-9Andrew MuirThe Razor's Edge: Bob Dylan's Neverending Tour: The Story of the Never Ending Tour
2001978-1-900924-14-6Kingsley AbbottCalling Out Around The World: A Motown Reader (Odyssey Guides)
  ''978-1-900924-16-0Marcus GrayThe Clash: Return of the Last Gang in Town: Story and Myth of the "Clash"
2000978-1-900924-17-7George Forrester · Martyn Hanson · Frank AskewEmerson, Lake & Palmer - The Show That Never Ends
2001978-1-900924-18-4Sean EganAnimal Tracks: The Story of the Animals, Newcastle's Rising Sons
978-1-900924-21-4Save What You Can: The Day of the Triffids
2001978-1-900924-22-1Peter LewryThe Complete Johnny Cash Chronicle: I've Been Everywhere
  ''978-1-900924-23-8Anthony ScadutoBob Dylan - 'b' Format: A Biography
  ''978-1-900924-24-5Robert GreenfieldJourney Through America With The Rolling Stones
2014978-1-900924-25-2Jonathan RichardsDavid Bowie: The Shirts He Wears
2001978-1-900924-26-9Sid SmithIn the Court of King Crimson
2002978-1-900924-27-6Jason WalkerGod's Own Singer: a life of Gram Parsons
2001978-1-900924-29-0Derek BarkerIsis - A Bob Dylan Anthology
2001978-1-900924-30-6Kingsley AbbottThe Beach Boys' Pet Sounds: The Greatest Album of the Twentieth Century
2012978-1-900924-31-3Roy DaviesRainbow Rising: The Story of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
2001978-1-900924-32-0Ashley HutchingsAshley Hutchings: The Guv'nor and the Rise of Folk Rock
2004978-1-900924-33-7C LeeBOB DYLAN: LIKE THE NIGHT (REVISITED): Bob Dylan and the Road to the Manchester Free Trade Hall
2007978-1-900924-34-4Paolo HewittThe Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology
2001978-1-900924-35-1Clinton HeylinNo More Sad Refrains: The Life and Times of Sandy Denny
  ''978-1-900924-36-8Neville JuddAl Stewart: True Life Adventures of a Folk Troubadour
2003978-1-900924-37-5Steve Diggle · Terry RawlingsThe Buzzcocks: Harmony In My Head - Steve Diggle's Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey
1995978-1-900924-40-5Sylvie SimmonsSerge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes
2016978-1-900924-41-2Bob BrunningBlues: The British Connection
1995978-1-900924-42-9Cliff McLenehanMarc Bolan: A Chronology
  ''978-1-900924-43-6Martyn HansonThe "Nice": Hang on to A Dream
2004978-1-900924-44-3Paolo Hewitt · John HellierSteve Marriott: All Too Beautiful: It's All So Beautiful - The Life and Times of Steve Marriott
2002978-1-900924-46-7Kingsley AbbottThe Beach Boys: Back To The Beach: A Brian Wilson & the Beach Boys Reader: A Brian Wilson and the "Beach Boys" Reader
2007978-1-900924-48-1Dave ThompsonThe Reign Of Gothic Rock: In the Reptile House with the "Sisters of Mercy", "Bauhaus" and the "Cure" (Helter Skelter)
2009978-1-900924-49-8Jon CollinsMarillion: Separated Out
978-1-900924-50-4Linda Ronstadt: A Musical Life
2002978-1-900924-51-1Larry Ratso SlomanOn the Road with Bob Dylan
2001978-1-900924-52-8Nicholas Schaffner"Pink Floyd": The Saucerful of Secrets
1995978-1-900924-53-5Bruce ThomasThe Big Wheel
  ''978-1-900924-54-2Fredric DannenHit Men: Powerbrokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business
  ''978-1-900924-55-9Pamela Des BarresI'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie
2004978-1-900924-56-6Daryl EasleaEverybody Dance Chic and the Politics of Disco
2003978-1-900924-57-3Dave ThompsonA Users Guide to The Fall
2016978-1-900924-58-0Harry ShapiroWaiting For The Man: The Story of Drugs and Popular Music
1995978-1-900924-59-7Michael Stuart-WareLove: Behind the Scenes
2008978-1-900924-60-3Dave ThompsonSuede: The Biography
2001978-1-900924-61-0Pamela Des BarresI'm With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie
2003978-1-900924-62-7Marcus GrayThe Clash: Return of The Last Gang in Town
2003978-1-900924-63-4MW MacefieldIn Search of The La's - A Secret Liverpool
2013978-1-900924-64-1Adrian Whittaker · Joe BoydBe Glad: An Incredible String Band Compendium
2007978-1-900924-66-5Phil StrongmanMetal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image Limited
2004978-1-900924-68-9Amy Hanson"Smashing Pumpkins": Tales of a Scorched Earth
2008978-1-900924-71-9George Forrester · Martyn Hanson · Frank Askew"Emerson, Lake and Palmer": The Show That Never Ends
2005978-1-900924-73-3Paolo Hewitt · John HellierSteve Marriott: All Too Beautiful
2006978-1-900924-76-4Neville JuddAl Stewart: True Life Adventures of a Folk Troubadour
2004978-1-900924-77-1Enamel VergurenThis is a Modern Life: The 1980s London Mod Scene (Mod Chronicles)
2003978-1-900924-78-8Jeff TamarkinJefferson Airplane - Got A Revolution: The Turbulent Flight: The Turbulent Flight of "Jefferson Airplane"
2004978-1-900924-79-5Brad ElliottSurf's Up: the Beach Boys on Record 1961-1981
978-1-900924-80-1Rock on Wood: Ronnie Wood - The Origin of a Rock 'n' Roll Face
2005978-1-900924-81-8Terry RawlingsBrian Jones: Who Killed Christopher Robin? - The Truth Behind the Murder of a Rolling Stone
2004978-1-900924-82-5Derek BarkerA Bob Dylan Anthology: Isis
2016978-1-900924-83-2Doug Sulpy · Ray SchweighardtBeatles' Get Back, The
2004978-1-900924-84-9Dave Thompson2 Tone, The Specials and a World in Flame - Wheels Out of Gear
2005978-1-900924-85-6Jon CollinsRush: Chemistry: The Definitive Biography
2016978-1-900924-87-0Larry 'Ratso' SlomanOn The Road With Bob Dylan
2009978-1-900924-88-7Paolo HewittThe Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology
2004978-1-900924-90-0Neville JuddAl Stewart: Lights, Camera, Folk Rock - A Life in Pictures
2009978-1-900924-91-7Alan Parker · Steve GrantleyThe Who By Numbers: The Story of The Who Through Their Music
2006978-1-900924-92-4Henrik Bech Poulsen77: The Year of Punk and New Wave
1995978-1-900924-93-1Mick O'SheaThe Early Days of the "Sex Pistols": "Only Anarchists are Pretty"
2005978-1-900924-94-8Dave Thompson · David SultanTrue Faith: An Armchair Guide to New Order, Joy Division, Electronic, Revenge, Monaco and The Other Two: On Record and In Concert
2004978-1-900924-95-5Paul GoodwinElectric Pioneer: An Armchair Guide to Gary Numan
2005978-1-900924-96-2Amy HansonNICK CAVE: KICKING AGAINST THE PRICKS: An Armchair Guide to Nick Cave
2016978-1-900924-98-6Paul WhitelawBelle And Sebastian: Just a Modern Rock Story