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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-900755-03-0S. S. PrawerBreeches and Metaphyics: Thackeray's German Discourse (Studies in Comparative Literature): 1
2000978-1-900755-12-2Stephen ParkinsonCobras E Son: Papers on the Text, Music and Manuscripts of the 'Cantigas De Santa Maria' (Legenda)
  ''978-1-900755-27-6Emma WilsonMemory and Survival (Legenda, Research Monographs in French Studies)
2001978-1-900755-29-0Edgar WindExperiment and Metaphysics: Towards a Resolution of the Cosmological Antinomies (Legenda)
2000978-1-900755-34-4Ian JamesPierre Klossowski: The Persistence of a Name (Legenda)
  ''978-1-900755-42-9Mark BannisterCondé in Context Ideological Change in Seventeenth-Century France: Ideological Change in Seventeeth-century France (Legenda)
2004978-1-900755-76-4Arlen BlyumA Self-Administered Poison: The System and Function of Soviet Censorship (Legenda, Special Lecture)
2002978-1-900755-78-8Anna Laura Lepschy · Arturo TosiMultilingualism in Italy: Past and Present (Legenda, Studies in Linguistics 1)
2005978-1-900755-81-8Malcolm CookBernardin De St Pierre, 1737-1814: A Life of Culture (Legenda)
  ''978-1-900755-83-2Joseph Sherman · Ritchie RobertsonThe Yiddish Presence in European Literature: Inspiration and Interaction - Proceedings of the Fourth and Fifth International Mendel Friedman Conference (Legenda Studies in Yiddish)
2004978-1-900755-85-6Peter Mackridge · Eleni YannakakisContemporary Greek Fiction in a United Europe: From Local History to the Global Individual (Legenda)
  ''978-1-900755-93-1Chryssanthi AvlamiClassical Scholarship and Cultural Transference: Translations of British, French and German Historiography of Antiquity in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century - An Anthology of Prefaces (Legenda)
2011978-1-900755-99-3Tristan Kay · Martin McLaughlin · Michelangelo ZaccarelloDante in Oxford: The Paget Toynbee Lectures 1995-2003 (Legenda)