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1996978-1-900512-02-2Dai Davies · Judy SadgroveSafe Cosmetic Surgery: A Complete Guide
  ''978-1-900512-06-0Zia MahmoodAsk Zia: Your Top 50 Bridge Questions Answered
1997978-1-900512-07-7Alicia DrakeA Shopper's Guide to Paris Fashion: What's Hot and Where to Buy it
  ''978-1-900512-09-1Robin EggarDaring Days Out: Complete Guide to Adventure Activities in the UK
1996978-1-900512-18-3Christmas Made Easy - Full Counterpack
1997978-1-900512-27-5Ursula Ferrigno · Susanna TeeUrsula's Italian Cakes and Desserts
  ''978-1-900512-28-2Roddy LlewellynRoddy Llewellyn's Gardening Year: 12 Months of Inspiring Ideas for Your Garden
1998978-1-900512-29-9Nick GordonTarantulas, Marmosets
  ''978-1-900512-32-9Charlotte PrestonLittle Terror Guides
1998978-1-900512-37-4Nick GordonTarantulas, Marmosets and Other Stories: An Amazon Diary
  ''978-1-900512-38-1Raj PersaudStaying Sane: How to Make Your Mind Work for You
  ''978-1-900512-39-8Rowena GrantMen's Health Handbook
2000978-1-900512-43-5Alicia DrakeA Shopper's Guide to Paris Fashion
1998978-1-900512-48-0Simon MorrisCardamom and Coriander: Celebration of Indian Cooking
  ''978-1-900512-49-7Professor Peter ClarkBack from the Brink: Transforming the Ridings School - And the Future of Education
1999978-1-900512-52-7John ParkerDeath of a Hero: Secret Life and Death of Captain Robert Nairac
  ''978-1-900512-53-4Amanda GrantThe New Vegan: Fresh and Exciting Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle
1999978-1-900512-56-5Aldo ZilliZilli Fish
2000978-1-900512-58-9Mridula BaljekarReal Fast Indian Food
2001978-1-900512-59-6Trevor DuntonBaby Record Book
1998978-1-900512-67-1Poison on a Plate: Poster
1999978-1-900512-68-8David Haslam · "Practical Parenting""Practical Parenting" A-Z Guide to Children's Health
  ''978-1-900512-69-5Kate FoxThe Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers
1998978-1-900512-71-8Janet Street-PorterAs the Crow Flies: A Walk from Edinburgh to London - in a Straight Line
1999978-1-900512-75-6John ParkerDeath of a Hero: Captain Robert Nairac, GC and the Undercover War in Northern Ireland
  ''978-1-900512-77-0Peter D'Epiro · Mary Desmond PinkowishWhat Are the Seven Wonders of the World? and Other Great Cultural Lists--Fully Described
  ''978-1-900512-80-0Simon MayThe Pocket Philosopher: A Handbook of Aphorisms
2000978-1-900512-81-7Roger ScrutonAnimal Rights and Wrongs
1999978-1-900512-82-4Neil CaseyThe Little Book of Not Smoking
  ''978-1-900512-85-5Alyce Faye Cleese · Brian BatesHow To Manage Your Mother: " 10 Steps To A Better Relationship "
2000978-1-900512-86-2Jasper GriegsonThe Complete Complainer: How to Complain and Get Results
2000978-1-900512-88-6Charles ElliottThe Quotable Gardener
  ''978-1-900512-89-3John ParkerParas: The Inside Story of Britain's Toughest Regiment.
  ''978-1-900512-91-6Simon JoinsonThe Digital Photography Handbook: The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Electronic Photo Revolution
  ''978-1-900512-93-0William R. HartstonThe Book of Numbers: The Ultimate Compendium of Facts About Figures
2001978-1-900512-96-1Kate FoxThe Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers
  ''978-1-900512-98-5Roger HighfieldCan Reindeer Fly?: The Science of Christmas
2000978-1-900512-99-2Peter WalwynHandy All the Way: A Trainer's Life