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1998978-1-900486-03-3Russ KickPsychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery
2000978-1-900486-04-0Rania Matar · Susan Minot · Anne TuckerHeadpress, No. 17
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  ''978-1-900486-07-1Stephen SennittGhastly Terror!: The Horrible Story of the Horror Comics (Primal-Spinal Comix History)
2001978-1-900486-09-5David KerkesHeadpress, No. 20
2000978-1-900486-10-1David Kerekes · David SlaterSee No Evil: Banned Films and Video Controversy
2001978-1-900486-11-8David KerekesHeadpress, No.21
2000978-1-900486-12-5Jack StevensonFLESHPOT: Cinema's Sexual Myth Makers and Taboo Breakers
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  ''978-1-900486-14-9Martin JonesPsychedelic Decadence: Sex Drugs Low-art in Sixties and Seventies Britain
  ''978-1-900486-15-6Cindy 'CYJO' HwangHeadpress, No.22
2007978-1-900486-16-3Anthony PetkovichX Factory Vol. 2: A Return to the American Hardcore Dream Machine: A Return to the American Hardcore Film Industry
2002978-1-900486-18-7David KerkesHeadpress, No.23
  ''978-1-900486-20-0Colin BennettPOLITICS OF THE IMAGINATION: The Life, Work and Ideas of Charles Fort (Critical Vision)
2002978-1-900486-21-7Steven PuchalskiSlimetime: A Guide to Sleazy, Mindless Movies
  ''978-1-900486-22-4VariousHEADPRESS 24
  ''978-1-900486-23-1Jack · StevensonLAND OF 1000 BALCONIES: Discoveries and Confessions of a B-movie Archaeologist
2001978-1-900486-24-8Anthony · PetkovichX FACTORY, THE: Inside the American Hardcore Film Industry
2003978-1-900486-25-5Stephen SennittCREATURES OF CLAY: And Other Stories of the Macabre
  ''978-1-900486-26-2David KerekesHeadpress, No. 25
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2003978-1-900486-28-6Audrey MaloneHUNCHBACK OF EAST HOLLYWOOD, THE: A Biography of Charles Bukowski
  ''978-1-900486-31-6Daniel O'BrienSPOOKY ENCOUNTERS: A Gwailo's Guide to Hong Kong Horror
  ''978-1-900486-34-7SleazegrinderGIGS FROM HELL: True Stories from Rock and Roll's Frontline
2004978-1-900486-35-4Temple Drake · David KerekesHEADPRESS GUIDE TO THE COUNTER CULTURE: A Sourcebook for Modern Readers
2003978-1-900486-36-1David KerekesCREEPING FLESH: The Horror Fantasy Film Book
2004978-1-900486-37-8Alan HewetsonSkywald!: The Complete Illustrated History of the Skywald Horror-Mood
  ''978-1-900486-38-5Julian UptonFallen Stars: Tragic Lives and Lost Careers
  ''978-1-900486-39-2Jim HarperLegacy Of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies
2005978-1-900486-41-5Emma bircham · John CharltonLOVERS, BUGGERS & THIEVES: Garage Rock, Monster Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk Rock: 1
2008978-1-900486-42-2Tom BrinkmannBad Mags: The Flip Side of Popular Culture as Seen Through Magazines and Tabloids
2005978-1-900486-43-9Bruce BarnardFLESH TRADE: Tales from the UK Sexual Underground
2005978-1-900486-44-6Michael Nicoll YahgulanaasRED LIGHT ZONES: The World's Most Unsavoury Nightspots (Headpress)
  ''978-1-900486-45-3David KerekesCREEPING FLESH 2: The Horror Fantasy Film Book: v 2
  ''978-1-900486-46-0Colin BennettAMERICAN DEMONOLOGY, AN: Flying Saucers Over the White House
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2011978-1-900486-48-4John HarrisonHip Pocket Sleaze: the Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks
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2008978-1-900486-52-1Jorg ButtgereitMonster Island: The Unauthorised Guide to Japanese Monster Movies: The Unauthorized Guide to Japanese Monster Movies
2006978-1-900486-53-8Stephen MilligenBETTER TO REIGN IN HELL: Serial Killers, Media Panics and the FBI
2006978-1-900486-54-5Alan Hewetson · Suso RegoSAGA OF THE VICTIMS
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2015978-1-900486-87-3David Kerekes · David SlaterKilling for Culture: Death on Film and the Enigma of Snuff
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2015978-1-900486-91-0Clive DaviesSpinegrinder