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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-900355-02-5Mortimer TuneAnna and the Jewel Thieves
  ''978-1-900355-03-2   ''Anna and the Jewel Thieves
  ''978-1-900355-04-9Bob BidermanRed Dreams
  ''978-1-900355-05-6Bob BidermanRed Dreams
  ''978-1-900355-06-3   ''Letters to Nanette
1998978-1-900355-07-0Bob BidermanLetters to Nanette
2011978-1-900355-13-1R J Raskin · Bob BidermanA Knight at Sea
1998978-1-900355-16-2Joy MagezisVanishing Act
  ''978-1-900355-18-6Bob BidermanKoba: May'68
  ''978-1-900355-20-9David KelleyLire c'est voir voir ecrire (Reading is seeing seeing writing): Images and Poetry by David Kelly (English and French)
2000978-1-900355-21-6Jean TardieuGoing...Going...Gone: The Client Dies Thrice
978-1-900355-22-3Sacha DumontSacha Dumont's Euro-Mysteries: Amsterdam
978-1-900355-23-0Joy MagezisAn Introduction to Women's Studies
2001978-1-900355-25-4Jean KhalfaThe Dialogue Between Painting and Poetry: Livres D'Artistes 1874-1999
2003978-1-900355-27-8Anna TaylorBound Un-bound
  ''978-1-900355-28-5Margaret HarknessIn Darkest London
2004978-1-900355-29-2Archibald DuncanThe Mariner's Chronicle: v. 1: Authentic and Complete Hist. of Popular Shipwrecks
  ''978-1-900355-30-8Israel ZangwillChildren of the Ghetto
2004978-1-900355-31-5Bob BidermanRed Dreams: Coming of Age in McCarthy's America
2002978-1-900355-32-2Amy LevyThe Romance of a Shop
2004978-1-900355-33-9Roy AshwellOut of Doubt
2005978-1-900355-34-6Bob BidermanLetters to Nanette: A Prelude to War
2011978-1-900355-43-8Sacha Dumont · Bob BidermanSacha Dumont's Euromysteries - Amsterdam (Black Apollo Mysteries)
2006978-1-900355-45-2Matthew LasarUneasy Listening: Pacifica Radio's Civil War
  ''978-1-900355-46-9Renee HubertCultural (dis)Connections: Memoirs of a Surrealist Scholar
  ''978-1-900355-47-6John GerassiThe Anachronists: A Politico-Historical Novel
  ''978-1-900355-48-3Dick TahtaThe Fifteen Schoolgirls
  ''978-1-900355-50-6Dick TahtaArarat Associations
2006978-1-900355-51-3Renee HubertCultural (dis)Connections
  ''978-1-900355-52-0Matthew LasarUneasy Listening
2007978-1-900355-55-1Joy · MagezisThe Universe for Breakfast: Dharma Diary Poems
  ''978-1-900355-56-8Henri MaccheroniMaccheroni Book/works
  ''978-1-900355-57-5Gurgen · MahariBurning Orchards
  ''978-1-900355-58-2Haig TahtaConstantinople 1920
2008978-1-900355-59-9Laurinda Brown · Alf ColesHearing Silence: Learning to Teach Mathematics
978-1-900355-60-5Eiffel Armchair
2011978-1-900355-62-9Israel ZangwillChildren of the Ghetto
2009978-1-900355-63-6Margaret HarknessIn Darkest London
2009978-1-900355-66-7Haig TahtaConstantinople - End of Empire
  ''978-1-900355-69-8   ''Costantinople - April 1915
2010978-1-900355-70-4   ''The Siege of Darabad
2011978-1-900355-72-8Mortimer Tune · Bob BidermanAnna and the Jewel Thieves