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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1997978-1-900347-18-1Laurence J. DorrPlant Collectors in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
  ''978-1-900347-31-0J.R.I. WoodA Handbook of the Yemen Flora
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1999978-1-900347-45-7David HuntCITES Cactaceae Checklist
1998978-1-900347-46-4David G. Frodin · Rafael GovaertsWorld Checklist and Bibliography of Fagales: Betulaceae, Corylaceae, Fagageae and Ticodendraceae
  ''978-1-900347-50-1A Radcliffe-SmithThree-language List of Botanical Name Components
  ''978-1-900347-54-9Aljos FarjonWorld Checklist and Bibliography of Conifers
  ''978-1-900347-56-3R. M. Polhill · Delbert WiensMistletoes of Africa
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2001978-1-900347-76-1Clive LangmeadA Passion for Plants: Life and Vision of Ghillean Prance, Director of Kew Gardens
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  ''978-1-900347-84-6Rafael Govaerts · David G. Frodin · A. Radcliffe-SmithWorld Checklist and Bibliography of Euphorbiaceae (and Pandaceae)
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