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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-900151-06-1Pam Cerry · Angela DuxburyPractical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment
2001978-1-900151-08-5Ira ThabrewBiochemistry for Clinical Medicine
1999978-1-900151-18-4Ann Davey · Colin S. InceFundamentals of Operating Department Practice
2001978-1-900151-19-1Ann McGuinnessEmergency Radiology
1996978-1-900151-20-7W. D. S. McLay OBEClinical Forensic Medicine (Greenwich Medical Media)
2001978-1-900151-21-4Najib Y. Haboubi · Karel Geobes · Neil A. Shepherd · Ian C. TalbotGastrointestinal Polyps (Greenwich Medical Media)
1997978-1-900151-28-3N. N. DamaniManual of Infection Control Procedures
  ''978-1-900151-32-0Edward Hammond · Andrew McIndoe · Mark Blunt · John Isaac · Ravi Gill · Mike Herbertson · Sundeep Karadia · Elfyn ThomasQBase Anaesthesia: Volume 2, MCQs for the Final FRCA: MCQs for the Anaesthesia Final FRCA v. 2
1998978-1-900151-33-7Punit RamrakhaQBase Medicine Paperback with CD-ROM: Volume 1, MCQs for the MRCP, Part 1: MCQs for the MRCP v. 1
1996978-1-900151-35-1Stephen P. RobinsonPrinciples of Forensic Medicine (Greenwich Medical Media)
2001978-1-900151-37-5J. S. A. Green · S. A. WajedQBase Surgery: Volume 1, MCQs for the MRCS: MCQs for MRCS v. 1
1999978-1-900151-38-2Chris Servant · Shaun PurkissExamination Schemes in General Surgery and Orthopaedics
2001978-1-900151-39-9Ranjan J. Fernando · Sujatha S. E. Fernando · Anthony S.-Y. LeongTropical Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology, Investigation, Diagnosis and Management
1998978-1-900151-46-7David LevyPractical Diabetes (Greenwich Medical Media)
  ''978-1-900151-48-1Chris FlowersImage Guided Core Biopsy of the Breast: A Pratical Guide: A Practical Approach (Greenwich Medical Media)
2000978-1-900151-49-8Peter J. O'Donovan · Ellis G. R. Downes · Paul McGurganAdvances in Gynaecological Surgery: Vol. 1 (Greenwich Medical Media)
1997978-1-900151-51-1Jane BatesPractical Gynaecological Ultrasound
1999978-1-900151-56-6Suzanne HenwoodClinical CT: Techniques and Practice
1997978-1-900151-58-0Edward Hammond · Andrew McIndoe · Punit Ramrakha · Emert White · Tom Peck · Justine Nanson · Andrew Padkin · Richard ProtheroeQBase Anaesthesia: Volume 3, MCQs in Medicine for the FRCA: MCQs in Medicine for the FRCA v. 3
2000978-1-900151-59-7Raymond McCruddenQBase Medicine: Volume 2, MCQs for the MRCP, Part 1: MCQs for the MRCP v. 2
1996978-1-900151-60-3K. Eggars · J. Everatt · G. ArthursThe Anaesthesia OSCE (Greenwich Medical Media)
2000978-1-900151-63-4Lindsey Allan · Lisa Hornberger · Gurleen SharlandTextbook of Fetal Cardiology (Greenwich Medical Media)
2001978-1-900151-66-5Mike StocksleyAbdominal Ultrasound (Greenwich Medical Media)
1999978-1-900151-67-2Harold Ellis · Peter TaylorVaricose Veins
1998978-1-900151-68-9R. M. KirkA Career in Medicine
1997978-1-900151-75-7Mark Blunt · Andrew Cone · John Isaac · Andrew Scott · John UrquhartQBase Anaesthesia: Volume 1, MCQs for the Anaesthesia Primary: MCQs for the Primary FRCA v. 1
1998978-1-900151-78-8Ian McConachieHandbook of ICU Therapy (Greenwich Medical Media)
2000978-1-900151-79-5Christopher J. Pallister · Christopher D. R. DunnProgress in Haematology: Volume 2: v. 2 (Greenwich Medical Media)
2004978-1-900151-92-4H. G. W. Paw · G. R. ParkDrug Prescribing in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
2001978-1-900151-93-1Jeremy NightingaleIntestinal Failure (Greenwich Medical Media)
2003978-1-900151-94-8Jason Payne-James · Ian WallRoad Traffic Law: Medicolegal Essentials
1998978-1-900151-96-2Aljafri A. Majid · Andrew N. Kingsnorth · Robert Shields · Peter MorrisFundamentals of Surgical Practice
2001978-1-900151-97-9Jason Payne-James · George Grimble · David SilkArtificial Nutrition Support: In Clinical Practice (Greenwich Medical Media)
1997978-1-900151-98-6Henry G. W. PawQBase Anaesthesia: Volume 4, MCQs for the Anaesthesia Primary: MCQs for the Anaesthesia Primary Vol 4
2000978-1-900151-99-3Anil T. Ahuja · Rhodri M. EvansPractical Head and Neck Ultrasound (Greenwich Medical Media)