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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-900131-02-5R. Valentine AtkinsonTrout and Salmon: The Greatest Fly-fishing for Trout and Salmon Worldwide
  ''978-1-900131-08-7Joann FletcherAncient Egypt: Life, Myth and Art
2000978-1-900131-09-4Joann FletcherEgypt's Sun King: Amenhotep III - An Intimate Chronicle of Ancient Egypt's Most Glorious Pharoah
  ''978-1-900131-16-2Geoffrey CorneliusThe Starlore Handbook: The Starwatcher's Essential Guide to the 88 Constellations, Their Myths and Symbols
1999978-1-900131-17-9J. R Professor PorterJesus Christ
  ''978-1-900131-18-6Nicholas E. HeynemanHow Dreams Can Enrich Your Relationships: Learn from Your Dream, Understand Your Emotions, Find Fulfilment
2000978-1-900131-19-3Tom LowensteinThe Vision of the Buddha: Buddhism - The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment
1999978-1-900131-21-6Mike GeorgeLearn to Relax
2000978-1-900131-29-2Sarah BrewerSimply Relax: The Beginner's Guide to Relaxation
2001978-1-900131-32-2Howard LoxtonCats: 99 Lives: 99 Lives - Cats in History, Legend and Literature
1999978-1-900131-38-4Howard LoxtonCats: 99 Lives - Cats in History, Legend and Literature
2000978-1-900131-39-1Dominic O'brien [o'brian]Learn to Remember
1999978-1-900131-42-1John CleareDistant Mountains: Encounters with the World's Greatest Mountains
  ''978-1-900131-48-3Jane HopeThe Secret Language of the Soul: A Visual Guide to Enlightenment and Destiny
2000978-1-900131-49-0Nic Rowley · Kirsten HartvigThe Detox Box: The 7-day Detox Programme Combining Diet and Massage
2000978-1-900131-59-9C.J. IdzikowskiLearn to Sleep Well: Proven Strategies for Getting to Sleep and Staying Asleep
1999978-1-900131-62-9Jack TresidderThe Dictionary of Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Traditional Images, Icons and Emblems
1999978-1-900131-67-4Tony HareWorld's Natural Habitats
2000978-1-900131-69-8Nic Rowley · Kirsten HartvigEnergy Juices: 32 Energy-boosting Recipes/Smoothies, Shakes, Teas...and More/Vitality from Fruit and Vegetable Juices (Naturally)
  ''978-1-900131-78-0Mike GeorgeDiscover Inner Peace: The Illustrated Guide to Personal Enlightenment
  ''978-1-900131-79-7Ou BaholyodhinLiving with Zen: Interiors, Gardens, Food
  ''978-1-900131-88-9Emma MitchellEnergy Exercises: 22 Energy Workouts - Revitalize Your Life - Find More Energy Now (Naturally)
  ''978-1-900131-89-6Sarah Carr-GommDictionary of Symbols in Art: The Illustrated Key to Western Painting and Sculpture
1999978-1-900131-91-9David FontanaLearn To Meditate
2000978-1-900131-93-3Dominic O'BrienLearn to Remember: Discover Untapped Memory Powers, Develop Instant Recall, Never Forget Names, Faces and Numbers
2000978-1-900131-98-8Jack TresidderSymbols and Their Meanings: The Illustrated Guide to More Than 1, 000 Symbols - Their Traditional and Contemporary Significance
  ''978-1-900131-99-5Shahrukh HusainThe Goddess: Power, Sexuality and the Feminine Divine