year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-900058-00-1GordCaptives of the Shenka
2003978-1-900058-02-5Gord2477 Ad--Part 5--Tammy's Greatest Test
  ''978-1-900058-03-2   ''Starburst One
  ''978-1-900058-04-9   ''2477 Ad--Part 2--Pets & Bimbos
  ''978-1-900058-05-6   ''2477 Ad Part 1
  ''978-1-900058-06-3   ''Curiosity Tamed the Kat
2003978-1-900058-07-0BensonBenson's Bondage Art
  ''978-1-900058-08-7Gord2477 Ad--Part 4--Prisioners of Gord Mansion
  ''978-1-900058-09-4OrionThe Judge Gets His Pony-Girl
  ''978-1-900058-10-0Gord2477 Ad--Part 3--Brigette's Big Mistake
  ''978-1-900058-11-7OrionMeet the Judge
2003978-1-900058-12-4GordBound for Good/Ward 29
  ''978-1-900058-13-1J. G. LeathersContract 1
2003978-1-900058-14-8J. G. LeathersContract 2
1995978-1-900058-15-5Mike VickersThe Black Post Society
  ''978-1-900058-16-2SadieThe international pony girl show
2003978-1-900058-17-9Gord2477 Ad--Part 6--Trussed Trained &Tormented
  ''978-1-900058-18-6Adam StormDenizen: Corporate Acquisition
  ''978-1-900058-20-9GordSandra Volume 1
1997978-1-900058-21-6   ''Sandra Volume 2. Problems in Paradise . Pain and Pursuit . working Girls . Trials and Tribulations
2003978-1-900058-25-4GordAliens/Pritchard 8000
1998978-1-900058-26-1   ''Sandra Volume 3: Trials and Tribulations, Traumatic Journey, Full Circle
2003978-1-900058-27-8   ''Thyros Bound
2003978-1-900058-28-5GordProject 237
1997978-1-900058-29-2J. L GordGord collection
2000978-1-900058-31-5Baron von RonsaThe Consignment
2003978-1-900058-32-2LocklanBondage Palace
2002978-1-900058-33-9Condemned to Slavery
2003978-1-900058-34-6StargravesIce Caves of the Under-City
  ''978-1-900058-36-0   ''Kidnapped 2(return of the Napper)
  ''978-1-900058-37-7StargravesThe Shuttered House
  ''978-1-900058-38-4BensonStepford Bound
2003978-1-900058-39-1OrionNo Pity for Brenda
  ''978-1-900058-40-7BensonArt of Benson 2
978-1-900058-41-4Memoirs of a Bondage Illustrator
978-1-900058-47-6Escape From The House Of Gord -dvd
978-1-900058-48-3Trouble At The House Of Gord -dvd
978-1-900058-49-0Return To The House Of Gord -dvd
978-1-900058-50-6Gord's Favorites #01-dvd
978-1-900058-51-3ROOM 237 - DVD
2005978-1-900058-53-7GordGord's Favorites Volume Two (DVD) (Gord's Favorites, Volume Two)
978-1-900058-54-4Naked Gord #01 -dvd
978-1-900058-55-1Judgement Day -dvd
978-1-900058-58-2Dollmaker #02 -dvd
978-1-900058-59-9Dollmaker #01 -dvd
978-1-900058-66-7Naked Gord Favorites #02 -Dvd

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