Blue Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-899726-00-4Vernon ColemanPeople Watching: How to Take Control
  ''978-1-899726-03-5Vernon ColemanWhy is Pubic Hair Curly?
1998978-1-899726-05-9   ''Other People's Problems
1999978-1-899726-06-6   ''How to Publish Your Own Book
2006978-1-899726-07-3   ''Oil Apocalypse
2007978-1-899726-08-0   ''Gordon is a Moron: The Definitive and Objective Analysis of Gordon Brown's Decade as Chancellor of the Exchequer
2008978-1-899726-09-7Vernon ColemanThe OFPIS File: The Organisation for the Preservation of Individuality and Sovereignty
1999978-1-899726-10-3   ''Animal Rights, Human Wrongs: A Blueprint for a Better Society
2000978-1-899726-11-0   ''101 Sexiest, Craziest, Most Outrageous Column Questions (and Answers) of All Time
2009978-1-899726-13-4   ''Moneypower: The Secrets of Power Over Money and the Essential Principles of Macro Investing
  ''978-1-899726-14-1   ''What Happens Next?
2000978-1-899726-15-8Vernon ColemanStrange But True
2009978-1-899726-16-5   ''Bloodless Revolution
2000978-1-899726-20-2   ''Complete Guide to Life
2002978-1-899726-21-9   ''England Our England: A Nation in Jeopardy
2000978-1-899726-25-7   ''Daily Inspirations: Compressed Philosophy and Distilled Wisdom to Make You Think
2003978-1-899726-26-4Vernon ColemanRogue Nation
2001978-1-899726-30-1   ''How to Make Money While Watching T.V.
  ''978-1-899726-35-6   ''Animal Rights, Human Wrongs: Pocket Edition
2006978-1-899726-36-3   ''Living in a Fascist Country: Conspiracies, Peakoil, Greedy Politicians, Endless Wars and Your Disappearing Freedom and Privacy
2004978-1-899726-40-0   ''Saving England: The Case for Independence. Why England Should Declaire UDI
2006978-1-899726-41-7Vernon ColemanHow to Protect and Preserve Your Freedom, Identity and Privacy
2005978-1-899726-50-9   ''The Truth They Won't Tell You (And Don't Want You to Know) About The EU
2004978-1-899726-75-2   ''Why Everything is Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better: And What You Can Do About it