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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-899579-01-3SangharakshitaWhat is the Dharma?: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha
1999978-1-899579-02-0TejanandaThe Buddhist Path to Awakening
1996978-1-899579-04-4SangharakshitaA Guide to the Buddhist Path
  ''978-1-899579-05-1KamalashilaMeditation: Buddhist Way of Tranquillity and Insight
1998978-1-899579-06-8SangharakshitaThe Three Jewels: Central Ideals of Buddhism
2000978-1-899579-07-5Jinananda · Simon PerryMeditating
1998978-1-899579-08-2Bikshu SangharakshitaA Stream of Stars: Reflections and Aphorisms
  ''978-1-899579-09-9Adiccabandhu · Padmasuri · PadmasriThe Monkey King
  ''978-1-899579-10-5Adiccabandhu · PadmasriSiddhartha and the Swan
  ''978-1-899579-13-6   ''The Lion and the Jackal
1996978-1-899579-14-3SangharakshitaIn the Sign of the Golden Wheel: Indian Memoirs of an English Buddhist
1996978-1-899579-17-4Muata Abhaya AshbyLiving the Skilful Life: Introduction to Buddhist Ethics
1999978-1-899579-18-1David SmithA Record of Awakening: Practice and Insight on the Buddhist Path
1999978-1-899579-19-8Edwin ArnoldThe Light of Asia
2000978-1-899579-20-4SangharakshitaThe Bodhisattva Ideal: Wisdom and Compassion in Buddhism
1998978-1-899579-21-1Bikshu SangharakshitaThe Ten Pillars of Buddhism
2000978-1-899579-25-9KulanandaTeachers of Enlightenment: The Refuge Tree of the Western Buddhist Order
  ''978-1-899579-26-6Sara HagelDhardo Rimpoche: A Celebration
  ''978-1-899579-27-3VessantaraTales of Freedom: Wisdom from the Buddhist Tradition
  ''978-1-899579-28-0VidyadeviReflections on Solitude
2001978-1-899579-29-7Vidyadevi · SuvajraReflections on Friendship
  ''978-1-899579-31-0SangharakshitaWhat is the Sangha?: The Nature of Spiritual Community
2000978-1-899579-33-4   ''Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism: An Introduction
2003978-1-899579-38-9   ''Living with Awareness: A Guide to the Satipatthana Sutta
2003978-1-899579-39-6MaitreyabandhuThicker Than Blood (Friendship on the Buddhist Path)
2002978-1-899579-40-2Edward ConzeBuddhism: Its Essence and Development
2001978-1-899579-41-9VessantaraThe Vajra and Bell (Buddhist symbols)
  ''978-1-899579-43-3Aloka · SangharakshitaBuddha Mind
2002978-1-899579-44-0ParamanandaA Deeper Beauty: Buddhist Reflections on Everyday Life
  ''978-1-899579-45-7Ayya KhemaCome and See for Yourself: The Buddhist Path to Happiness
  ''978-1-899579-47-1SangharakshitaCreative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism
  ''978-1-899579-48-8AkuppaTouching the Earth: A Buddhist Guide to Saving the Planet
2002978-1-899579-49-5SantidevaThe Bodhicaryavatara, The: A Guide to the Buddhist Path to Awakening
2003978-1-899579-51-8SangharakshitaWho is the Buddha?
  ''978-1-899579-53-2VessantaraFemale Deities in Buddhism: A Concise Guide
2004978-1-899579-54-9AnalayoSatipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization
2003978-1-899579-55-6BodhipaksaWildmind: A Step-by-step Guide to Meditation
  ''978-1-899579-57-0PadmakaraVerses of Inspiration: From the Buddha's Udana
  ''978-1-899579-59-4KulanandaPrinciples of Buddhism
  ''978-1-899579-61-7NagapriyaExploring Karma and Rebirth
2004978-1-899579-62-4Dharmachari Subhuti · SubhamatiBuddhism and Friendship
2006978-1-899579-63-1TaranathaSteps to Happiness: Traveling from Depression and Addiction to the Buddhist Path
2008978-1-899579-64-8SangharakshitaLiving with Kindness: The Buddha's Teaching on Metta
2005978-1-899579-65-5Valerie Mason-JohnDetox Your Heart
2006978-1-899579-66-2SangharakshitaThe Yogi's Joy: Songs of Milarepa: Three Songs of Milarepa
2005978-1-899579-67-9ManjusvaraWriting Your Way
2006978-1-899579-68-6Shenpen HookhamThere's More to Dying Than Death: a Buddhist Perspective
2005978-1-899579-69-3VessantaraThe Breath (Art of Meditation)
2006978-1-899579-71-6   ''The Heart (Art of Meditation)
2005978-1-899579-73-0Amy SchmidtDipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master
2007978-1-899579-74-7VajraguptaBuddhism: Tools for Living Your Life
2005978-1-899579-75-4ParamanandaChange Your Mind: Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation
2007978-1-899579-77-8ParamanandaThe Body (Art of Meditation)
2008978-1-899579-80-8SangharakshitaPuja: The Triratna Book of Buddhist Devotional Texts (Hardback)
2007978-1-899579-81-5   ''The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path (Buddhist Wisdom for Today)
2008978-1-899579-83-9VessantaraA Guide to the Buddhas (Meeting the Buddhas)
  ''978-1-899579-84-6   ''A Guide to the Bodhisattvas (Meeting the Buddhas)
  ''978-1-899579-85-3   ''A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra (Meeting the Buddhas)
2009978-1-899579-86-0SangharakshitaLiving Ethically: Advice from Nagarjuna's Precious Garland (Buddhist Wisdom for Today)
  ''978-1-899579-87-7SarvanandaMeaning in Life: A Buddhist View
2010978-1-899579-89-1RatnagunaThe Art of Reflection (Buddhist Wisdom in Practice)
2011978-1-899579-90-7Dhivan Thomas Jones · SagaraghosaThis Being, That Becomes: The Buddha's Teaching on Conditionality (Buddhist Wisdom in Practice)
2009978-1-899579-91-4BodhipaksaWildmind: A Step-by Step Guide to Meditation
2010978-1-899579-92-1VajraguptaThe Triratna Story: Behind the Scenes of a New Buddhist Movement
2008978-1-899579-94-5SangharakshitaPuja: The Triratna Book of Buddhist Devotional Texts (Paperback)
2009978-1-899579-95-2   ''Transforming Self and World: Themes from the Sutra of Golden Light
  ''978-1-899579-96-9BodhipaksaVegetarianism: A Buddhist View
2009978-1-899579-97-6NagapriyaVisions of Mahayana Buddhism
  ''978-1-899579-98-3MaitreyabandhuLife with Full Attention: A Practical Course in Mindfulness