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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-899324-00-2Barry LongMeditation: A Foundation Course - A Book of Ten Lessons
  ''978-1-899324-01-9Barry LongWisdom and Where to Find It: A Book of Truth
  ''978-1-899324-03-3   ''Knowing Yourself: The True in the False
1997978-1-899324-12-5   ''Origins of Man and the Universe: The Myth That Came to Life
1998978-1-899324-13-2   ''Raising Children in Love, Justice and Truth
  ''978-1-899324-14-9   ''Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way
1999978-1-899324-15-6Barry LongTo Man in Truth: Enlightening Letters
2003978-1-899324-16-3   ''Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own: The Passion of Spiritual Awakening
2002978-1-899324-17-0   ''Prayer for Life: The Cause and Cure of Terrorism, War and Human Suffering
2007978-1-899324-20-0   ''Start Meditating Now: How to Stop Thinking, 2 Audio CD set (Myth of Life Series)
  ''978-1-899324-21-7   ''Journey in Consciousness: Exploring the Truth Behind Existence, 2 Audio CD set (Myth of Life Series)
2007978-1-899324-22-4Barry LongSeeing Through Death CD: Facing the Fact Without Fear (Myth of Life Series)
  ''978-1-899324-23-1   ''Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way, 2 Audio CD Set (Myth of Life Series)
  ''978-1-899324-24-8   ''How to Live Joyously: Being True to the Law of Life, 2 Audio CD set (Myth of Life Series)