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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-898910-01-5PorphyrySelect Works of Porphyry (Thomas Taylor S.)
  ''978-1-898910-02-2PlotinusCollected Writings of Plotinus
1996978-1-898910-03-9Thomas TaylorCollected Writings on the Gods and the World: Translations of Sallust, Demophilus, Taurus, Maternus, the Emperor Julian and Synesius (Thomas Taylor S.)
1995978-1-898910-04-6Thomas TaylorHymns and Initiations: Translation of the Orphic Hymns and a Treatise on Orphic Theology (Thomas Taylor S.)
2007978-1-898910-05-3Maximus TyriusDissertations of Maximus Tyrius (Thomas Taylor S.)
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  ''978-1-898910-07-7Diadochus ProclusTheology of Plato (Thomas Taylor S.)
1997978-1-898910-13-8ApuleiusApuleius' "Golden Ass", or, the "Metamorphosis": And Other Philosophical Writings Viz on the God of Socrates and on the Philosophy of Plato (Thomas Taylor S.)
1999978-1-898910-16-9IamblichusOn the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans and Assyrians: Life of Pythagoras (Thomas Taylor S.)
  ''978-1-898910-17-6Diadochus ProclusEssays and Fragments of Proclus (Thomas Taylor S.)
2004978-1-898910-27-5Thomas TaylorA Dissertation on the Philosophy of Aristotle (Thomas Taylor S.)
2006978-1-898910-28-2Diadochus ProclusProclus' Commentary on the First Book of Euclid (Thomas Taylor S.)
2006978-1-898910-29-9Thomas TaylorThe Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans (Thomas Taylor S.)
  ''978-1-898910-32-9Flavius Claudius Julianus · CelsusAgainst the Christians and Other Writings (Thomas Taylor S.)
2008978-1-898910-35-0Algis UzdavinysPhilosophy as a Rite of Rebirth: From Ancient Egypt to Neoplatonism
2000978-1-898910-37-4Tim AddeyThe Seven Myths of the Soul
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