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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-898617-00-6Cornelius AcrippaLadies' Oracle (The amethyst collection)
  ''978-1-898617-01-3J.M. BarnesThe Extremely Useful Book of Christmas Lists (Above & below stairs)
  ''978-1-898617-02-0Beryl PetersA Mother Holds You by the Heart (The old-fashioned way)
1995978-1-898617-03-7J. BarnesA Garter Round the Bedpost: Love Charms and Superstitions (The amethyst collection)
  ''978-1-898617-04-4Beryl PetersGrandma (The old-fashioned way)
  ''978-1-898617-05-1Julie LesselsEtiquette of Love and Courtship (The etiquette collection)
1995978-1-898617-06-8Beryl PetersEtiquette of an English Tea (The etiquette collection)
  ''978-1-898617-07-5Jan BarnesEtiquette of Politeness (The etiquette collection)
  ''978-1-898617-08-2Jan BarnesEtiquette for Gentlemen (The etiquette collection)
1996978-1-898617-09-9Julie LesselsWhat to Do with the Cold Mutton
1995978-1-898617-10-5Julie HintonHow to Read Character in Handwriting (The amethyst collection)
1996978-1-898617-11-2Madeleine BrantThe Etiquette of Dress - Hints from Victorian and Edwardian writers
  ''978-1-898617-12-9Julie LesselsEtiquette of English Puddings (Etiquette Collection)
  ''978-1-898617-13-6Beryl PetersEtiquette for Coffee Lovers (Etiquette Collection)
1996978-1-898617-14-3Julie LesselsEtiquette of Naming the Baby (Etiquette Collection)
1997978-1-898617-15-0Nat BarnesEtiquette of Motoring (Etiquette Collection S.)
  ''978-1-898617-16-7Jan BarnesEtiquette for the Well-dressed Man (The etiquette collection)
  ''978-1-898617-17-4Beryl PetersEtiquette for Chocolate Lovers (Etiquette Collection)
  ''978-1-898617-18-1Jan BarnesEtiquette for the Chauffeur (The etiquette collection)
1999978-1-898617-19-8Jan Barnes · Beryl PetersThe Gentle Art of Flirtation (English Eccentricities)
  ''978-1-898617-20-4Beryl PetersEtiquette for the Traveller (The etiquette collection)
1997978-1-898617-21-1Walter EmanuelNever: Never Complain, Never Explain, Never Do Anything Eccentric
1998978-1-898617-22-8Jan BarnesRecipes for an English Tea: Handbook for Afternoon Tea
1998978-1-898617-23-5Jan BarnesRecipes for Gardeners: Selected Valuable Recipes for Good Gardening (Etiquette Collection)
1999978-1-898617-24-2Sarah FieldingTipples and Treats for the English Gentleman
2000978-1-898617-25-9Beryl PetersTea and Conversation: Develop the Art of Conversation with Afternoon Tea (English Eccentricities)
2001978-1-898617-26-6Jan BarnesEtiquette for Wine Lovers (Etiquette Collection S.)
2000978-1-898617-27-3   ''Etiquette for a Traditional Christmas (Etiquette Collection)
2001978-1-898617-28-0Beryl PetersCheese and Wine (Etiquette Collection)
  ''978-1-898617-29-7Julie HintonEtiquette for the Children (Etiquette Collection)
  ''978-1-898617-30-3Julie LesselsRecipes for High Class Cookery (Gift Books)
  ''978-1-898617-31-0Jan BarnesRecipes for Roses (Recipes Collection)
2003978-1-898617-32-7Julie LesselsThe Lady's Dressing Room
2002978-1-898617-33-4Appearances: How to Keep Them Up on a Limited Income (Tonics, restoratives and money-saving hints)
  ''978-1-898617-34-1AnonDainty Dishes: For Slender Incomes
2002978-1-898617-35-8Kitchen Cosmetics: Beauty from Your Pantry
  ''978-1-898617-36-5The Servantless Household: How to Cope - Some Polite Advice (Tonics, restoratives and money-saving hints)
2006978-1-898617-41-9The Lady's Book of Manners: How to be a Perfect Lady (Etiquette Collection)