Rucksack Readers

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-898481-06-5Family exchange: A European topic for ages 10-14
2001978-1-898481-07-2Jacquetta MegarryThe Great Glen Way (Rucksack Reader)
2003978-1-898481-08-9Jacquetta Megarry · Jim StrachanThe Speyside Way (Rucksack Reader)
2002978-1-898481-12-6Jacquetta Megarry · Roy DaviesExplore the Inca Trail (Rucksack Reader)
  ''978-1-898481-13-3Jacquetta MegarryRob Roy Way: From Drymen to Pitlochry (Rucksack Readers)
2003978-1-898481-14-0Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellWicklow Way (Rucksack Readers)
2002978-1-898481-15-7Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellGreat Glen Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-16-4Jacquetta MegarryExplore Mount Kilimanjaro (Rucksack Readers)
2003978-1-898481-17-1   ''Explore the Great Wall (Rucksack Readers)
2004978-1-898481-18-8Sandra Bardwell · Jacquetta MegarryThe Dingle Way (Rucksack Readers)
2003978-1-898481-19-5Jacquetta MegarryWest Highland Way: Updated Summer 2003
2005978-1-898481-20-1Gareth McCormackExplore the Tour of Mont Blanc (Rucksack Readers)
2004978-1-898481-21-8Jacquetta MegarryThe Cateran Trail: A Circular Walk in the Heart of Scotland
2005978-1-898481-22-5Sandra BardwellThe Kerry Way
  ''978-1-898481-23-2Jacquetta MegarryExplore Mount Kilimanjaro: Marangu, Machame and Rongai Routes (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-24-9Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellGreat Glen Way (Rucksack Readers)
2006978-1-898481-25-6Jacquetta Megarry · Roy DaviesExplore the Inca Trail (Rucksack Readers)
2006978-1-898481-26-3Jacquetta MegarryThe Rob Roy Way: From Drymen to Pitlochry (Rucksack Readers)
2007978-1-898481-27-0Jacquetta Megarry · Jim StrachanThe Speyside Way (Rucksack Readers)
2008978-1-898481-28-7Jacquetta MegarryThe Arran Coastal Way (Rucksack Readers)
2007978-1-898481-29-4Sandra Bardwell · Jacquetta MegarryThe Kintyre Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-30-0Jacquetta MegarryThe West Highland Way 2008
2008978-1-898481-31-7Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellThe Wicklow Way (Rucksack Readers)
2009978-1-898481-32-4Kaufmann Michael · James McLuckieThe Cowal Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-33-1Sandra BardwellThe Dingle Way (Rucksack Readers)
2010978-1-898481-35-5   ''The Kerry Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-36-2Ronald TurnbullSt Cuthbert's Way: From Melrose to Lindisfarne (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-37-9Eoin ReillyCauseway Coast Way: With Moyle Way (Rucksack Readers)
2010978-1-898481-39-3Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellThe Great Glen Way
  ''978-1-898481-40-9Sandra BardwellThe Moray Coast Trail: With Dava and Moray Ways (Rucksack Readers)
2011978-1-898481-41-6Jacquetta MegarryThe West Highland Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-42-3Peter StottThe Dales Way (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-46-1Jacquetta Megarry · Roy DaviesExplore the Inca Trail
2008978-1-898481-50-8Rennie McOwanLight on Dumyat
2005978-1-898481-51-5Harry KikstraAconcagua: Summit of South America (Rucksack Pocket Summits)
2009978-1-898481-52-2Jacquetta MegarryKilimanjaro: Summit of Africa (Rucksack Pocket Summits)
2006978-1-898481-53-9Harry KikstraDenali / Mount McKinley: Summit of North America (Rucksack Pocket Summits)
2009978-1-898481-54-6   ''Everest: Summit of the World (Rucksack Pocket Summits)
2012978-1-898481-55-3Gordon Simm · Jacquetta MegarryCleveland Way (Rucksack Readers)
2014978-1-898481-63-8Jacquetta Megarry · Sandra BardwellGreat Glen Way: Walk or Cycle the Great Glen Way (Rucksack Readers)
2018978-1-898481-71-3Sandra Bardwell · Jacquetta MegarryFife Coastal Path (Rucksack Readers)
  ''978-1-898481-80-5Aled OwenSnowdonia Slate Trail