Anglo-Saxon Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-898281-02-3Stephen PollingtonWordcraft: English/Old English Dictionary and Thesaurus
1991978-1-898281-03-0King of England AlfredAlfred's Metres of Boethius
1994978-1-898281-04-7Kathleen HerbertLooking for the Lost Gods of England
  ''978-1-898281-06-1Stephen PollingtonAn Introduction to the Old English Language and Its Literature
  ''978-1-898281-07-8Alan SmithSixty Saxon Saints
  ''978-1-898281-08-5Andrew PhillipsThe Hallowing of England: Guide to the Saints of Old England and Their Places of Pilgrimage
1996978-1-898281-10-8Stephen PollingtonThe English Warrior from Earliest Times to 1066
1997978-1-898281-11-5Kathleen HerbertPeace-Weavers and Shield-Maidens: Women in Early English Society
1995978-1-898281-12-2Ann HagenA Second Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink: Production and Distribution
  ''978-1-898281-13-9John PorterAnglo-Saxon Riddles
1996978-1-898281-15-3Bill GriffithsAspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic
1995978-1-898281-16-0Stephen PollingtonRudiments of Runelore
1997978-1-898281-17-7Andrew PhillipsThe Rebirth of England and English: The Vision of William Barnes
1997978-1-898281-19-1Stephen PollingtonFirst Steps in Old English: An Easy Way to Follow Language Course for the Beginner
  ''978-1-898281-20-7   ''Aergeweorc: Old English Verse and Prose
1998978-1-898281-21-4Donald Earl HensonA Guide to Late Anglo-Saxon England: From Alfred to Eadgar II
1999978-1-898281-22-1John HaywoodDark Age Naval Power: A Reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Seafaring Activity
2000978-1-898281-23-8Stephen PollingtonLeechcraft: Early English Charms, Plantlore and Healing
  ''978-1-898281-24-5Tony LinsellOur Englishness
  ''978-1-898281-25-2Kathleen HerbertEnglish Heroic Legends
2001978-1-898281-26-9Donald HensonEngland's Elite in 1066: Gone But Not Forgotten
2002978-1-898281-28-3Mary SavelliTastes of Anglo-Saxon England
  ''978-1-898281-29-0BrownEnglish Martial Arts
2003978-1-898281-30-6Stephen PollingtonThe Mead Hall: The Feasting Tradition in Anglo-Saxon England
1997978-1-898281-32-0John PorterAnglo-Saxon Riddles
2003978-1-898281-33-7Bill GriffithsAspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic
2003978-1-898281-34-4Tony Linsell · Brian PartridgeAnglo-Saxon Rune Cards
2004978-1-898281-35-1Peter FoxAn Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Kingship
  ''978-1-898281-36-8Edmund WainwrightTolkien's Mythology for England: A Middle-earth Companion
2006978-1-898281-37-5Walter NashA Departed Music: Readings in Old English Poetry
2004978-1-898281-38-2Stephen PollingtonFirst Steps in Old English: An Easy to Follow Language Course for the Beginner
2006978-1-898281-41-2Ann HagenAnglo-Saxon Food and Drink: Production, Processing, Distribution and Consumption
  ''978-1-898281-42-9Stephen PollingtonThe English Warrior from the Earliest Times Till 1066
  ''978-1-898281-43-6John HaywoodDark Age Naval Power: A Reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Seafaring Activity
  ''978-1-898281-44-3Terry BrownEnglish Martial Arts
2007978-1-898281-46-7Stephen PollingtonOld English Poems, Prose and Lessons: Anglo-Saxon Language
2008978-1-898281-47-4   ''Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plantlore and Healing
2008978-1-898281-48-1John PorterBeowulf: Text and Translation
  ''978-1-898281-49-8Stephen PollingtonRudiments of Runelore
  ''978-1-898281-51-1   ''Anglo-Saxon Burial Mounds: Princely Burials in the 6th and 7th Centuries
2009978-1-898281-53-5   ''Wordcraft: New English to Old English Dictionary and Thesaurus
2009978-1-898281-54-2Stephen PollingtonThe Mead Hall: Feasting in Anglo-Saxon England
2010978-1-898281-56-6   ''Anglo-Saxon Art, Myth and Material Culture 4th-7th Century: Wayland's Work
2011978-1-898281-60-3Paul MortimerWoden's Warriors: Warfare, Beliefs, Arms & Armour in Northern Europe During the 6-7th Centuries
  ''978-1-898281-61-0Kathleen HerbertLooking for the Lost God of England
2010978-1-898281-62-7Terry BrownEnglish Martial Arts
2011978-1-898281-64-1Stephen PollingtonThe Elder Gods: The Otherworld of Early England