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1990978-1-898128-04-5David K.H. Begg · Alasdair Smith · Charles Wyplosz · Carl B. Hamilton · L. Alan Winters · Francesco Giavazzi · Victor D. Norman · Andre SapirThe Impact of Eastern Europe (Monitoring European Integration S.)
1991978-1-898128-05-2David K.H. Begg · Charles Wyplosz · Luigi Spaventa · Francesco Giavazzi · Pierre-Andre Chiappori · Xavier Vives · Damien J. Neven · C.P. MayerThe Making of Monetary Union (Monitoring European Integration S.)
1992978-1-898128-06-9David K.H. Begg · Anthony J. Venables · L. Alan Winters · Manfred J. M. Neumann · Victor D. Norman · Jean-Pierre Danthine · Richard Baldwin · Vittorio GrilliIs Bigger Better?: Economics of EC Enlargement (Monitoring European Integration S.)
1999978-1-898128-38-0Francesco Giavazzi · Jean-Pierre Danthine · Enst-Ludwig Von Thadden · Xavier VivesThe Future of European Banking (Monitoring European Integration)
2000978-1-898128-43-4Charles Wyplosz · Torsten Persson · Xavier Freixas · Carlo FaveroOne Money, Many Countries: Report 2 (Monitoring the European Central Bank)
1999978-1-898128-45-8Jose De Gregorio · Barry J. Eichengreen · Takatoshi Ito · Charles WyploszAn Independent and Accountable IMF Geneva Reports on the World Economy Report 1
2000978-1-898128-47-2Kym Anderson · Joseph Francois · Thomas W. Hertel · Bernard Hoekman · Will MartinWorld Trade Liberalization for the New Millennium: An Empirical Study
1999978-1-898128-48-9Willem H. BuiterAlice in Euroland (CEPR Policy Paper)
  ''978-1-898128-49-6Otmar IssingThe Eurosystem: Transparent and Accountable or Willem in Euroland (CEPR Policy Paper)
2000978-1-898128-50-2Alessandro Missale · Carlo Favero · Gustavo PigaEMU and Public Debt Management: One Money, One Debt? (CEPR Policy Paper)
  ''978-1-898128-54-0L. Alan Winters · Zhen Kun WangPutting 'Humpty' Together Again: Including Developing Countries in a Consensus for the WTO (CEPR Policy Paper)
2001978-1-898128-58-8Michael R. Wickens · Jean-Pierre Danthine · Rony Hamaui · Laura Bottazzi · Andreas M. Fischer · Kpate Adjaoute · Richard PortesEMU and Portfolio Adjustment (CEPR Policy Paper)
  ''978-1-898128-59-5Alberto Alesina · Olivier Blanchard · Jordi Gali · Francesco Giavazzi · Harald UhligDefining a Macroeconomic Framework for the Euro Area: Monitoring the European Central Bank 3
  ''978-1-898128-63-2Richard E. Baldwin · Francesco Giavazzi · Erik Berglof · Mika WidgrenPreparing the ECB for Enlargement: CEPR Policy Paper Number 6
2003978-1-898128-64-9Erik Berglof · Barry Eichengreen · Gerard Roland · Guido Tabellini · Charles WyploszBuilt to Last: A Political Architecture for Europe: Monitoring European Integration 12
2002978-1-898128-66-3Giuseppe Bertola · Juan Jose Dolado · John Fitzgerald · Gilles Saint-Paul · Fabrizio Coricelli · Juan Francisco Jimeno-Serrano · Angel de la Fuente · Tito BoeriWho's Afraid of the Big Enlargement? (CEPR Policy Paper)
2002978-1-898128-67-0Francois Bourguignon · Dalia Marin · Anthony J. Venables · L. Alan Winters · Francesco Giavazzi · Diane Coyle · Paul Seabright · Thierry VerdierMaking Sense of Globalization: A Guide to the Economic Issues (CEPR Policy Paper)
  ''978-1-898128-71-7Enrico C. PerottiLessons from the Russian Meltdown: The Economics of Soft Legal Constraints (CEPR Policy Paper)
2003978-1-898128-75-5David K.H. Begg · Charles Wyplosz · Barry J. Eichengreen · Laszlo Halpern · Jurgen von HagenSustainable Regimes of Capital Movements in Accession Countries (CEPR Policy Paper)
2004978-1-898128-79-3Andrew CrockettConflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry: What Should We Do About them? (Geneva Reports on the World Economy Series)
  ''978-1-898128-84-7Peter B. Kenen · Jeffrey R. Shafer · Nigel L. Wicks · Charles WyploszInternational Economic and Financial Cooperation: New Issues, New Actors, New Responses: Geneva Reports on the World Economy 6
2005978-1-898128-90-8Yung Chul Park · Hans Genberg · Robert McCauley · Avinash PersaudOfficial Reserves and Currency Management in Asia: Myth, Reality and the Future: Geneva Reports on the World Economy 7