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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-898125-00-6Shaun ClarkeSoldier A: SAS - Behind Iraqi Lines
  ''978-1-898125-01-3Shaun ClarkeSoldier B: SAS - Heroes of the South Atlantic
  ''978-1-898125-04-4David MonnerySoldier D: SAS - The Colombian Cocaine War
  ''978-1-898125-05-1Shaun ClarkeSoldier C: SAS - Secret War in Arabia (22 Books Paperback)
  ''978-1-898125-06-8   ''Soldier E: SAS - Sniper Fire in Belfast
1993978-1-898125-07-5Shaun ClarkeSoldier F: SAS - Guerrillas in the Jungle
1994978-1-898125-08-2   ''Soldier G: SAS - The Desert Raiders
  ''978-1-898125-09-9   ''Soldier H: SAS - The Headhunters of Borneo
  ''978-1-898125-13-6   ''Soldier J: SAS - Counterinsurgency in Aden
  ''978-1-898125-14-3David MonnerySoldier K: SAS - Mission to Argentina
  ''978-1-898125-16-7Shaun ClarkeSoldier L: SAS - The Embassy Siege
1994978-1-898125-17-4Michael Paul KennedySoldier I: SAS - Eighteen Years in the Elite Forces
  ''978-1-898125-18-1Peter CaveSoldier M: SAS - Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan
  ''978-1-898125-19-8David MonnerySoldier N: SAS - Gambian Bluff
1994978-1-898125-20-4David MonnerySoldier O: SAS - The Bosnian Inferno
  ''978-1-898125-21-1   ''Soldier P: SAS - Night Fighters in France
  ''978-1-898125-23-5Shaun ClarkeSoldier R: SAS
1995978-1-898125-31-0Peter CaveSoldier T: SAS - War on the Streets
  ''978-1-898125-38-9Ian BlakeMarine B: The Aegean Campaign: SBS: SBS - The Aegean Campaign (Special Boat Service)
  ''978-1-898125-39-6David MonneryMarine C: SBS: The Florida Run
1995978-1-898125-41-9Peter CorriganSoldier U
  ''978-1-898125-42-6Shaun ClarkeSoldier V: SAS - Into Vietnam - A Novel of the SAS
  ''978-1-898125-45-7Doug ArmstrongMarine E: Special Boat Service - Hong Kong Gambit
  ''978-1-898125-46-4Robin JamesMarine F: Royal Target: SBS: Special Boat Service - Royal Target
1996978-1-898125-63-1David MonneryMarine G: Special Boat Service, China Seas
  ''978-1-898125-64-8Ian BlakeMarine H: The Burma Offensive (Special Boat Service)
1995978-1-898125-72-3Barry DaviesAssault on
1996978-1-898125-83-9David MonneryMarine I: Escape from Azerbajian: SBS: Special Boat Service
1996978-1-898125-89-1Doug ArmstrongSoldier X (A novel of the S.A.S.)
1997978-1-898125-91-4David MonnerySoldier Y: SAS
1996978-1-898125-92-1Simon WestonCause of Death
  ''978-1-898125-94-5Barry DaviesGoing Hostile
  ''978-1-898125-95-2SAS: Stories for Marines
  ''978-1-898125-96-9SAS Stories of Raf
  ''978-1-898125-97-6Stories for Heroes
1996978-1-898125-98-3Stories of Mercenaries