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1995978-1-898059-06-6Alan Frankland · Pete SandersNext Steps in Counselling: a Students' Companion for Certificate and Counselling Course Skills (Steps in Counselling Series): A Student's Companion for Certificate and Counselling Skills Courses
  ''978-1-898059-08-0Pete SandersStep in to Study Counselling: A Students' Guide to Tackling Diploma and Certificate Course Assignments (Steps in Counselling Series)
1996978-1-898059-09-7Anne KearneyCounselling, Class and Politics: Undeclared Influences in Therapy
1995978-1-898059-11-0Natalie RogersEmerging Woman: A Decade of Midlife Transitions
1996978-1-898059-14-1Pete SandersFirst Steps in Counselling: A Students' Companion for Basic Introductory Courses
2000978-1-898059-15-8Laura Buchanan · Rick HughesExperiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training: A Compendium of Case Studies to Assist Prospective Applicants
  ''978-1-898059-16-5Tony MerryPerson-Centred Practice: The BAPCA Reader
1997978-1-898059-17-2Richard House · Nick TottonImplausible Professions: Arguments for Pluralism and Autonomy in Psychotherapy and Counselling
1998978-1-898059-18-9Windy DrydenAre You Sitting Uncomfortably?: Windy Dryden Live and Uncut
  ''978-1-898059-19-6Pete SandersStep in to Study Counselling
2001978-1-898059-20-2Peggy NatielloThe Person-Centred Approach: A passionate presence (Person-centred Approach & Client-centred Therapy Essential Readers)
1998978-1-898059-21-9John HeronSacred Science: Person-centred Inquiry into the Spiritual and the Subtle
  ''978-1-898059-22-6Jerold BozarthPerson-Centered Therapy: a Revolutionary Paradigm (Person-centred approach & client-centred therapy essential readers)
1999978-1-898059-23-3Colin LagoExperiences in Relatedness: Groupwork and the Person-centred Approach (Person-centred Approach & Client-centred Therapy Essential Readers)
1999978-1-898059-24-0Tony MerryLearning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling: A Textbook for Discovering Theory and Developing Practice
  ''978-1-898059-25-7Craig Newnes · Cailzie DunnThis is Madness: A Critical Look at Psychiatry and the Future of Mental Health Services
  ''978-1-898059-26-4Irene FairhurstWomen Writing in the Person-Centered Approach (Person-centred Approach & Client-centred Therapy Essential Readers)
2000978-1-898059-27-1Marlis PortnerTrust and Understanding: the Person-Centred Approach to everyday care for people with special needs
1999978-1-898059-28-8C.H. PattersonUnderstanding Psychotherapy: Understanding psychotherapy: Fifty years of client-centred theory and practice (Person-centred Approach & Client-centred Therapy Essential Readers)
2001978-1-898059-29-5Gill WyattCongruence (Rogers Therapeutic Conditions Evolution Theory and Practice, Volume 1)
  ''978-1-898059-30-1Sheila Haugh · Tony MerryEmpathy (Rogers Therapeutic Conditions Evolution Theory & Practice)
  ''978-1-898059-31-8Jerold Bozarth · Paul WilkinsUnconditional Positive Regard (Rogers Therapeutic Conditions Evolution Theory & Practice)
2002978-1-898059-32-5Gill Wyatt and Pete SandersContact and Perception (Rogers Therapeutic Conditions Evolution Theory & Practice)
2000978-1-898059-33-2Natalie RogersCreative Connection: Expressive Arts as Healing
2002978-1-898059-34-9Garry Prouty · Dion Van Werde · Marlis PortnerPre-therapy: Reaching Contact Impaired Clients
2001978-1-898059-36-3Ned GaylinFamily, Self and Psychotherapy: A Person-centred Perspective (Person-centred Approach & Client-centred Therapy Essential Readers)
2001978-1-898059-37-0Craig NewnesThis is Madness Too: Critical Perspectives on Mental Health Services (Critical Psychology Division S.)
  ''978-1-898059-38-7Roger CasemoreSurviving Complaints Against Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Towards Understanding and Healing
  ''978-1-898059-39-4contributorsSpirituality and Psychotherapy
2002978-1-898059-40-0Gillian ProctorThe Dynamics of Power in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Ethics, Politics and Practice
  ''978-1-898059-41-7Jan HawkinsVoices of the Voiceless: Person-Centred Approaches for People with Learning Difficulties
  ''978-1-898059-43-1Jeanne C. WatsonClient-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy in the 21st Century: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice
2004978-1-898059-44-8Roy MoodleyCarl Rogers Counsels a Black Client: Race and Culture in Person-Centred Counselling
2003978-1-898059-46-2John M. ShlienTo Lead an Honorable Life: Invitations to Think About Client-Centred Therapy and the Person-Centred Approach
2003978-1-898059-47-9Jay JosephThe Gene Illusion: Genetic research in psychiatry and psychology under the microscope.
2002978-1-898059-48-6David CainClassics in the Person-Centered Approach
  ''978-1-898059-49-3Jeanne C. WatsonClient-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy in the 21st Century: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice
  ''978-1-898059-51-6Pete SandersFirst Steps in Counselling: A Students' Companion for Basic Introductory Courses
  ''978-1-898059-53-0Tony MerryLearning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling
2003978-1-898059-54-7Susan Hansen · Alec McHoul · Mark RapleyBeyond Help: A Consumer's Guide to Psychology
  ''978-1-898059-55-4Lisbeth SommerbeckThe Client-Centred Therapist in Psychiatric Contexts: A Therapists Guide to the Psychiatric Landscape and Its Inhabitants
2003978-1-898059-56-1Suzanne KeysIdiosyncratic Person-Centred Therapy: From the Personal to the Universal
2004978-1-898059-57-8Nathaniel J. RaskinContributions to Client-Centered Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach
2003978-1-898059-58-5Godfrey T. Barrett-LennardSteps on a Mindful Journey: Person-Centred Expressions
  ''978-1-898059-59-2Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall edsFreedom to Practise: Person-centred Approaches to Supervision
  ''978-1-898059-60-8Pete SandersThe Tribes of the Person-centred Nation: A Guide to the Schools of Therapy Associated with the Person-centred Approach
  ''978-1-898059-61-5Richard House · Yvonne BatesEthically Challenged Professions: Enabling Innovation and Diversity in Psychotherapy and Counselling
2004978-1-898059-62-2Elie GodsiViolence and Society: Making Sense of Madness and Badness (Critical Psychology Division)
  ''978-1-898059-63-9Terry LynchBeyond Prozac: Healing Mental Distress
2003978-1-898059-64-6Pete SandersStep in to Study Counselling (Steps in Counselling Series)
2009978-1-898059-66-0Pete Sanders · Alan Frankland · Paul WilkinsNext Steps in Counselling Practice: A students' companion for degrees, HE diplomas and vocational courses: A Students' Companion for Certificate and ... Skills Courses (Steps in Counselling Series)
2005978-1-898059-67-7Richard C. Page · Daniel N. BerkowUnstructured Group Therapy: Creating Contact, Choosing Relationship
2005978-1-898059-68-4Brian E. LevittEmbracing Nondirectivity: Reassessing Person-centred Theory and Practice in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-898059-69-1Stephen JosephPerson-centred Psychopathology: A Positive Psychology of Mental Health
  ''978-1-898059-70-7Nick Radcliffe · Craig NewnesMaking and Breaking Children's Lives (Critical Psychology Division)
  ''978-1-898059-71-4David SmailPower, Interest and Psychology: Elements of a Social Materialist Understanding of Distress
2006978-1-898059-72-1ContributorsPoliticizing the Person-centred Approach: An Agenda for Social Change
2010978-1-898059-73-8Pete Sanders · Paul WilkinsFirst Steps in Practitioner Research: A guide to understanding and doing research in counselling and health and social care (Steps in Counselling Series)
2006978-1-898059-74-5Judith Moore · Campbell PurtonSpirituality and Counselling: Experiential and Theoretical Perspectives
2007978-1-898059-75-2Pete SandersUsing Counselling Skills on the Telephone and in Computer-mediated Communication
2005978-1-898059-76-9Brian ThorneLove's Embrace: The Autobiography of a Person-centred Therapist
2006978-1-898059-79-0Ernesto SpinelliTales of Unknowing: Therapeutic Encounters from an Existential Perspective
  ''978-1-898059-80-6Pete SandersThe Person-Centred Counselling Primer: A Steps in Counselling Supplement (Counselling Primers)
2007978-1-898059-81-3Richard WorsleyThe Integrative Counselling Primer: a concise, accessible and comprehensive introduction to integrative counselling with a person-centred foundation (Counselling Primers Series)
2007978-1-898059-82-0Campbell PurtonThe Focusing-Oriented Counselling Primer: A concise, accessible, comprehensive introduction (Counselling Primer Series) (A Steps in Counselling Supplement)
2008978-1-898059-83-7Nick BakerThe Experiential Counselling Primer
2007978-1-898059-84-4ContributorsThe Contact Work Primer: A concise, accessible and comprehensive introduction to Pre-Therapy and the work of Garry Prouty (Counselling Primer Series)
2006978-1-898059-85-1Mavis KleinThe Psychodynamic Counselling Primer (Counselling Primer Series)
2008978-1-898059-86-8Rhena Branch · Windy DrydenThe Cognitive Behaviour Counselling Primer: A Concise, Accessible and Comprehensive Introduction
2007978-1-898059-87-5Helen Spandler and Sam WarnerBeyond Fear and Control: Working with Young People Who Self Harm
2006978-1-898059-88-2Keith Tudor · Tony MerryDictionary of Person-Centred Psychology
  ''978-1-898059-89-9Ernesto SpinelliDemystifying Therapy
  ''978-1-898059-90-5Tony MerryInvitation to Person-Centred Psychology
2007978-1-898059-92-9contributors · Ron RobertsJust War: Psychology and Terrorism
  ''978-1-898059-93-6Howard KirschenbaumThe Life and Work of Carl Rogers
  ''978-1-898059-94-3Denis PostleRegulating the Psychological Therapies: From Taxonomy to Taxidermy
2007978-1-898059-95-0Richard Worsley · Stephen JosephPerson-Centred Practice: Case Studies in Positive Psychology
  ''978-1-898059-97-4Keith Tudor · Mike WorrallFreedom to Practise: Developing Person-centred Approaches to Supervision v. 2