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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-897784-00-6Rupert BesleyScotland for Beginners: 1314 an' A' That
1991978-1-897784-01-3Cameron McNeishThe Munro Almanac
1992978-1-897784-07-5Nigel TranterThe Story of Scotland
1993978-1-897784-08-2Peter StewartThe Football Almanac 1993 - 94
  ''978-1-897784-09-9Fiona ArmstrongF is for Fly-fishing: Beginner Goes Fly-fishing for Salmon
1998978-1-897784-13-6Nigel TranterTales and Traditions of Scottish Castles
1999978-1-897784-14-3Cameron McNeishThe Corbett Almanac
1993978-1-897784-19-8Duncan GrahamSunset on the Clyde: The Last Summers on the Water
1994978-1-897784-23-5Michael Pritchard · Alison PritchardTranter's Terrain
1996978-1-897784-27-3Michael BranderThe World Directory of Scottish Associations
1999978-1-897784-28-0Fiona ArmstrongLet's Start Fly-fishing
1996978-1-897784-29-7Duncan GrahamThe Education Racket: Who Cares About the Children?
2004978-1-897784-31-0Nigel TranterRob Roy MacGregor
2011978-1-897784-36-5Brian TownsendThe Lost Distilleries of Ireland
1995978-1-897784-37-2Robert Bruce LockhartScotch: Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story
2004978-1-897784-38-9David CoustickThe Backpacker's Cookbook
1996978-1-897784-39-6Cameron McNeishThe Munro Almanac
1997978-1-897784-41-9Gordon DonaldsonScottish Historical Documents
1995978-1-897784-45-7Kate WalkerPractical Food Smoking: A Comprehensive Guide
1997978-1-897784-46-4Michael W. RussellA Poem of Remote Lives: Images of Eriskay, 1934 - Enigma of Werner Kissling, 1895-1988
1996978-1-897784-48-8Rudolph KennaThe Glasgow Pub Companion
1998978-1-897784-49-5Allan MorrisonWhaur's Yer Wullie Shakespeare Noo?!: Scotland's Millennium Souvenir (Scottish Literature)
1996978-1-897784-51-8Catherine BrownA Year in a Scots Kitchen
  ''978-1-897784-52-5Molly Whittington-EganMurder on the Bluff: Carew Poisoning Case
1999978-1-897784-56-3Neil Wilson · Wallace MilroyThe Malt Whisky Cellarbook
1997978-1-897784-57-0Joe PieriIsle of the Displaced: Italian-Scot's Memoirs of Internment During the Second World War
1998978-1-897784-58-7Neil WilsonScotch & Water: An Illustrated Guide to the Hebridean Malt Whisky Distilleries
1997978-1-897784-59-4Bill BirkettThe Lakeland Fells Almanac
1998978-1-897784-60-0Allan MorrisonHaud Yer Wheesht!: Your Scottish Granny's Favourite Sayings
2001978-1-897784-62-4Stuart DonaldComplete New Tales of Para Handy (Para Handy Trilogy)
2003978-1-897784-65-5John McDougall · Gavin D. SmithWort, Worms and Washbacks: Memoirs from the Stillhouse
1998978-1-897784-66-2Gavin D. SmithA to Z of Whisky
1997978-1-897784-67-9Roger ProtzThe Real Ale Almanac
1998978-1-897784-68-6Wallace MilroyMalt Whisky Almanac: A Taster's Guide
1997978-1-897784-69-3Malcolm GreenwoodAnother Nip Around the World
1999978-1-897784-72-3Cameron McNeishThe Corbett Almanac
2003978-1-897784-76-1Rupert BesleySkye for Beginners
1998978-1-897784-77-8Cameron McNeishThe Munro Almanac
1997978-1-897784-78-5Michael W. RussellA Poem of Remote Lives: Images of Eriskay, 1934 - Enigma of Werner Kissling, 1895-1988
1998978-1-897784-79-2Catherine BrownA Year in a Scots Kitchen
  ''978-1-897784-80-8Molly Whittington-EganScottish Murder Stories (Scottish Literature)
  ''978-1-897784-81-5Allan MorrisonYe Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus!
2000978-1-897784-85-3Douglas BOTTINGThe Saga of Ring of Bright Water: The Enigma of Gavin Maxwell
1999978-1-897784-86-0J.Murray NeilThe Scots Fiddle: Tunes, Tales and Traditions of the North-east and Central Highlands v. 1
1999978-1-897784-87-7Brian TownsendThe Lost Distilleries of Ireland
2001978-1-897784-88-4Richard Whittington-EganThe Oscar Slater Murder Story
2003978-1-897784-90-7Gavin D. SmithWhisky, Wit and Wisdom: A Verbal Distillation
1999978-1-897784-94-5Joe PieriTales of the Savoy: Memoirs of Glasgow Cafe Society
  ''978-1-897784-96-9Malcolm GreenwoodA Ramble Round the Globe Revisited: In the Footsteps of Tommy Dewar
2004978-1-897784-97-6Brian TownsendScotch Missed: Lost Distilleries of Scotland
2005978-1-897784-98-3Dane LoveScottish Covenanter Stories: Tales from the Killing Time
2007978-1-897784-99-0Keith McGinnLast of the Puffermen