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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-897522-00-4Emerson Sanford · Janice Sanford BeckLife of the Trail 2: Historic Hikes in Northern Yoho National Park
  ''978-1-897522-01-1Tony DaffernPopular Day Hikes 2: Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-04-2Robert KershawExploring The Castle: Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta
  ''978-1-897522-05-9Lawrence Letham · Alex LethamGPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors
  ''978-1-897522-06-6Hugh E.M. Stutfield · Norman CollieClimbs & Exploration In the Canadian Rockies
2008978-1-897522-09-7Lynn MartelExpedition to the Edge: Stories of Worldwide Adventure
  ''978-1-897522-13-4Laurel ArcherNorthern British Columbia Canoe Trips: Volume One
  ''978-1-897522-14-1Walter WilcoxThe Rockies of Canada: A Revised & Enlarged Edition of Camping in the Canadian Rockies
2009978-1-897522-24-0Darwin WiggettDances with Light: The Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-25-7E.J. HartJimmy Simpson: Legend of the Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-28-8Sabrina GroblerThe Canadian Rockies:A Complete Photographic Portrait
2009978-1-897522-39-4John Martin · Jon JonesSport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-40-0Bill CorbettThe 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-41-7Emerson Sanford · Janice Sanford BeckLife of the Trail 3: The Historic Route from Old Bow Fort to Jasper
  ''978-1-897522-42-4   ''Life of the Trail 4: Historic Hikes in Eastern Jasper National Park
  ''978-1-897522-44-8Colin CampbellTrails of the Southern Cariboo: Second Edition
2009978-1-897522-45-5Conrad KainWhere the Clouds Can Go
  ''978-1-897522-46-2Lewis FreemanOn the Roof of the Rockies: The Great Columbia Icefield of the Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-897522-48-6Jane Ross · Daniel KybaThe David Thompson Highway: A Hiking Guide
2011978-1-897522-49-3Mary SchafferOld Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies
2009978-1-897522-50-9A. P. ColemanThe Canadian Rockies: New & Old Trails
  ''978-1-897522-51-6Aaron Cameron · Matt GunnHikes Around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley
  ''978-1-897522-52-3Robert William SandfordRestoring the Flow: Confronting the World's Water Woes
2009978-1-897522-54-7Tony DaffernBackcountry Avalanche Safety: Skiers, Climbers, Boarders, Snowshoers
  ''978-1-897522-60-8Reese HalterThe Incomparable Honeybee & the Economics of Pollination
2010978-1-897522-76-9Gillean DaffernGillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide - 4th Edition: Vol. 1: Kananaskis Valley-Kananaskis Lakes-Elk Lakes-Smith-Dorrien
2011978-1-897522-77-6Gillean DaffernGillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide - 4th Edition: Volume 2: West Bragg-The Elbow-The Jumpingpound
2010978-1-897522-78-3Neil L. JenningsIn Plain Sight: Exploring the Natural Wonders of Southern Alberta
  ''978-1-897522-79-0Gerry SheaThe Aspiring Hiker's Guide 1: Mountain Treks in Alberta
  ''978-1-897522-80-6Emerson Sanford · Janice Sanford BeckLife of the Trail 5
  ''978-1-897522-81-3Don GaytonOkanagan Odyssey: Journeys through Terrain, Terroir and Culture
2010978-1-897522-83-7Jeff GailusThe Grizzly Manifesto: In Defence of the Great Bear
  ''978-1-897522-99-8Gordon CopeA Thames Moment