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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-897252-00-0Dennis F. JohnsonYork Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company: Canada's Inland Armada
  ''978-1-897252-01-7Pierre BertonThe Battles of the War of 1812: Adventures in Canadian History
2007978-1-897252-02-4Maria L CioniSpaghetti Western: How My Father Brought Italian Food to the West
  ''978-1-897252-03-1Vera PezerSmart Curling: Perfect Your Game through Mental Training
  ''978-1-897252-05-5Pierre BertonThe Great Klondike Gold Rush
2006978-1-897252-06-2Gordon CopeA Paris Moment
  ''978-1-897252-08-6Tom Molloy · Donald WardThe World is Our Witness: The Historic Journey of the Nisga'a into Canada
2007978-1-897252-09-3David FinchPumped: Everyone's Guide to the Oilpatch
2006978-1-897252-10-9James H. GrayThe Roar of the Twenties
2007978-1-897252-11-6Tamela GeorgiaExtra Money: More than 200 Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Bottom Line No Matter Where You Live
2008978-1-897252-12-3Brian KeatingAmazing Animal Adventures in Forests
2008978-1-897252-13-0Brian KeatingAmazing Animal Adventures in Forests
2007978-1-897252-15-4Mary WeekesTrader King: The Thrilling Story of Forty Years' Service in the North-west Territories
  ''978-1-897252-17-8Tom MorimotoBreaking Trail: From Canada's Northern Frontier to the Oil Fields of Dubai
2008978-1-897252-18-5Bill WaiserWho Killed Jackie Bates?
2007978-1-897252-19-2Michael Caduto · Joseph BruchacKeepers of Life: Discovering Plants Through Native Stories and Earth Activities for Children
  ''978-1-897252-21-5John WeinsteinQuiet Revolution West: The Rebirth of Metis Nationalism
  ''978-1-897252-22-2Gord CopeUp the Thames without a Paddle: Adventures in Oxfordshire
  ''978-1-897252-23-9David PhillipsThe 2008 Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar: 20th Anniversary Edition
2008978-1-897252-28-4Adrian PeetoomVacation Adventures on a Cargo Ship
2008978-1-897252-31-4Richard BestThe Wine Guy Next Door: A Story Wherein a Young Couple Learns about Wine
  ''978-1-897252-32-1Tom McLeod · Mindy WillettThe Delta Is My Home: Ehdutat shanankat t'agoonch'uu
  ''978-1-897252-33-8Julie-Ann Andre · Mindy WillettWe Feel Good Out Here
  ''978-1-897252-35-2David PhillipsThe Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar 2009
2007978-1-897252-36-9Omer LavalleeVan Horne's Road: Revised Edition
2008978-1-897252-37-6David Phillips2009 Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar
  ''978-1-897252-40-6Fifth House PublishersThe 2009 Canadian Gardening Calendar
2008978-1-897252-41-3Fifth House PublishersPrairie Gardening Journal
2009978-1-897252-44-4Therese Zoe · Philip Zoe · Mindy WillettLiving Stories: Godi Weghaa Ets'eeda
2008978-1-897252-45-1Bill WaiserEverett Baker's Saskatchewan: Portraits of an Era
2009978-1-897252-46-8Graeme PoleGravity, Steam and Steel: An Illustrated Railway History of Rogers Pass
2011978-1-897252-51-2Dawn VaessenPerfect Perennials for the Prairie Gardener
2009978-1-897252-53-6Nora BryanGardening, Eh!: Canada's Coast to Coast Calendar for the Savvy Gardener
  ''978-1-897252-55-0David PhillipsThe Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar 2010
  ''978-1-897252-56-7   ''The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar 2010: French Edition
  ''978-1-897252-57-4Sheyenne Jumbo · Mindy WillettCome and Learn With Me
  ''978-1-897252-58-1Bill WaiserPortraits of an Era: The Aerial Photography of Howdy McPhail
2010978-1-897252-59-8Mindy Willett · James PokiakProud to Be Inuvialuit: Quviahuktunga Inuvialuugama
2010978-1-897252-60-4Mark SchacterRoads
  ''978-1-897252-65-9Tomson Highway · Brian DeinesFox on the Ice
  ''978-1-897252-67-3Mindy Willett · Peter EnzoeThe Caribou Feed Our Soul: ?étthén bet'á dághíddá
2011978-1-897252-69-7Mindy Willett · Raymond TanitonAt the Heart of It
2010978-1-897252-72-7David Phillips2011 Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar
  ''978-1-897252-75-8Bill Waiser · Stuart HoustonTommy's Team: The People Behind the Douglas Years
  ''978-1-897252-76-5David Phillips2011 Weather Trivia Desk Calendar
2012978-1-897252-78-9Blair StonechildBuffy Sainte-Marie: It's My Way
2012978-1-897252-79-6Blair StonechildBuffy Sainte-Marie: It's My Way
2010978-1-897252-80-2Tomson HighwayPaasteewitoon Kaapooskaysing Tageespichit: Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing in its original version: Cree
2011978-1-897252-81-9Brian Wright-McLeodRed Power: A Graphic Novel
2012978-1-897252-82-6Jennifer PodemskiTales from Behind the Loincloth
2010978-1-897252-83-3Tomson HighwayDry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing
2011978-1-897252-86-4John SeagraveThe Hudson's Bay Boy: From Cabbagetown to Rupert's Land
  ''978-1-897252-90-1David Phillips2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-897252-91-8   ''2012 L'almanach météorologique canadien
  ''978-1-897252-92-5   ''2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Pocket Diary
  ''978-1-897252-94-9SCHACTER MARK2012 Roads Calendar
2011978-1-897252-95-6David Kibuuka2012 Mother and Child Calendar
  ''978-1-897252-96-3David Phillips2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Page-a-Day Calendar
  ''978-1-897252-97-0   ''2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Page-a-Day Calendar (FRENCH Edition)