Museum London

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-897215-00-5Daina AugaitisJust My Imagination
  ''978-1-897215-04-3Adriana Kuiper · Melanie TownsendProtection Factor: Adriana Kuiper
  ''978-1-897215-05-0S. Campeau · P., Ph.D. DuboisWyn Geleynse: A Man Trying to Explain Pictures
  ''978-1-897215-06-7Claudia AlmironLight My Fire: Convention and Invention in the Sixties
  ''978-1-897215-07-4Ben Reeves · John KissickComplicated Matters
2006978-1-897215-08-1Andrew T. HunterJumbo's Remains or the Ballad of Tom Thumb III
  ''978-1-897215-10-4Michael BakerA New London, 1914: Selections from the Orr Photographic Collection
2007978-1-897215-11-1Steve MaversScraps to Silk: A Selection of Historic Quilts from Museum London's Permanent Collections
  ''978-1-897215-13-5Alicia (essay) BoutilierPublic Pictures/Private Homes: London's Lending Library of Canadian Art 1942 - 1975
  ''978-1-897215-14-2Dianne Bos · Arnold Koroshegyi · Donald Lawrence · Andrew Wright · Susan EdelsteinImage and Apparatus
2008978-1-897215-18-0Museum LondonBaraka: Souvenirs of Voyage, Discovery and Home
  ''978-1-897215-19-7Ann WilsonXXX(L)
2008978-1-897215-20-3Maya HirschmanDance Hall Daze
2009978-1-897215-22-7Aidan Urquart · Kane X. Faucher · Jeanne RandolphHeaven and Hell
  ''978-1-897215-23-4Jamelie Hassan · Melanie Townsend · Scott WatsonJamelie Hassan: At the Far Edge of Words
2010978-1-897215-26-5David MERRITTShim, Sham, Shimmy: David Merritt
  ''978-1-897215-29-6Tom Benner · Tom Smart · Joan Murray · Terry GroffTom Benner: Call of the Wild
2011978-1-897215-31-9Greg CurnoeCutout: Greg Curnoe, Shaped Collages, 1965-1968
  ''978-1-897215-33-3Jack (subject) ChambersJack Chambers: The Light from the Darkness, Silver Painting and Film Work
  ''978-1-897215-34-0Corinna Ghaznavi · Sally MacKay · Alissa YorkAnimal
2011978-1-897215-35-7Kim Moodie: All But Not
  ''978-1-897215-36-4Gary Spearin · David Liss · Cassandra GettyGary Spearin: Inifiniti
2012978-1-897215-38-8Thelma Rosner · Cassandra Getty · Ihor Holubizky · Alison Kenzie · Madeline LennonThelma Rosner: Homeland
  ''978-1-897215-39-5Bob Bozak · Cassandra Getty · Sylvia Curtis-NorcrossBob Bozak: Realignment
2013978-1-897215-41-8Adam Lauder · Cassandra GettyImaging Disaster
  ''978-1-897215-43-2Kim Adams: One for the Road
  ''978-1-897215-44-9Kim Ondaatje
2013978-1-897215-46-3L. O. Today
  ''978-1-897215-47-0Jeff Willmore · Sylvia Curtis Norcross · Melanie TownsendInterpolating Landscape: Jeff Willmore