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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-897187-02-9Heather BallMagnificent Women in Music
2006978-1-897187-03-6Megan WilliamsSaving Rome
2005978-1-897187-04-3Kathleen McDonnellHoney, We Lost the Kids: Re-thinking childhood in the multimedia age
2006978-1-897187-05-0Karen LevineHana's Suitcase on Stage
  ''978-1-897187-06-7Kathy KacerHiding Edith: A True Story
  ''978-1-897187-07-4Christina MinakiA Woman's Agenda 2007: Celebrating Movers and Shakers
  ''978-1-897187-08-1Heather BallRemarkable Women Writers
2006978-1-897187-09-8Filomena GomesMy Mom Loves Me More Than Sushi
  ''978-1-897187-10-4Kathy Stinson101 Ways to Dance
  ''978-1-897187-14-2Anne DublinJune Callwood: A Life of Action
  ''978-1-897187-15-9Sandra BraunIncredible Women Inventors
  ''978-1-897187-16-6Doris McCarthyDoris McCarthy: My Life
2007978-1-897187-18-0Carolyn WoodA Woman's Agenda 2008: Celebrating Movers and Shakers
2007978-1-897187-19-7Rebecca UpjohnLily and the Paper Man
  ''978-1-897187-20-3Anna Morgan · Rachael TurkieniczMy Worst/Best Sleepover Party 
  ''978-1-897187-21-0Margret Horvance · Elizabeth J. ShiltonRedefining Retirement: New Realities for Boomer Women
  ''978-1-897187-22-7Frances RooneyExceptional Women Environmentalists
  ''978-1-897187-25-8Kelly FournelGreat Women from our First Nations
2008978-1-897187-35-7Kathy White · Kerry CathersWoman's Agenda 2009
2008978-1-897187-39-5Kathy KacerThe Diary of Laura's Twin
  ''978-1-897187-43-2Vincent SchillingMen of Courage from our First Nations
  ''978-1-897187-45-6Michelle MulderYeny and the Children for Peace
  ''978-1-897187-50-0Shenaaz G. NanjiChild of Dandelions
  ''978-1-897187-53-1Gina RoitmanTell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth
2008978-1-897187-54-8BOOST Child Abuse Prevention CentreLooking for Angelina
2009978-1-897187-55-5Sharon JenningsHome Free
978-1-897187-57-9Kathy KacerKathy Kacer - 2 Titles
2009978-1-897187-59-3Alison KooistraWoman's Agenda 2010
  ''978-1-897187-60-9Tania DupreyViolet
  ''978-1-897187-63-0Caryl Cude MullinRough Magic
2010978-1-897187-69-2Femida Handy · Carole CarpenterSandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint
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  ''978-1-897187-71-5Joy CrysdaleFearless Female Journalists
2010978-1-897187-72-2Rosemarie BollThe Second Trial
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2011978-1-897187-99-9Michele LandsbergWriting the Revolution