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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-896836-03-4Lois Miriam WilsonStories Seldom Told
  ''978-1-896836-14-0Alternatives for Simple Living · Alternatives · David SparksSimplify & Celebrate: Embracing the Soul of Christmas
1998978-1-896836-22-5Tom HarpurPrayer: The Hidden Fire: A Practical and Personal Approach to Awakening a Greater Intimacy with God
  ''978-1-896836-24-9Kathy ShaidleGod Rides a Yamaha: Musings on Poetry, Pain, and Pop Culture
1999978-1-896836-32-4Tom HarpurPrayer: The Hidden Fire Journal & Companion Guide
  ''978-1-896836-37-9Meg HicklingMore speaking of sex: What your children need to know and when they need to know it
2000978-1-896836-40-9Tom HarpurPrayer: The Hidden Fire
2001978-1-896836-43-0Ian BradleyCeltic Christian communities: Live the tradition
2002978-1-896836-45-4Viki HurstPersonal Pilgrimage at Midlife: One Day Soul Journeys for a Time of Transition
2001978-1-896836-46-1Nancy ReevesI'd Say Yes, God If I Knew What You Wanted
2002978-1-896836-50-8Ralph MiltonJulian's cell: The earthy story of Julian of Norwich
  ''978-1-896836-52-2Ralph MiltonThe Essence of Julian: A Paraphrase of Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love
2002978-1-896836-54-6Tom HarpurFinding the Still Point: A Spiritual Response to Stress
2005978-1-896836-55-3Nancy C ReevesI'd Say Yes, God If I Knew What You Wanted Course Guide: A Study Guide for Workshops, Courses & Retreats
2004978-1-896836-63-8Tom HarpurThe Spirituality of Wine
  ''978-1-896836-66-9Cynthia Winton-Henry · Phil PorterWhat the Body Wants: From the Creators of Interplay [With Full-Length CD, Like Breathing]
2005978-1-896836-69-0Gailand MacqueenThe Spirituality of Mazes and Labyrinths
  ''978-1-896836-70-6Meg Hickling · Nancy ReevesThe New Speaking of Sex: What Your Children Need to Know and When They Need to Know It
  ''978-1-896836-71-3Louise Cummings · Tom HarpurFinding the Still Point: A Spiritual Response to Stress
  ''978-1-896836-74-4Donna SinclairThe Spirituality of Gardening
2005978-1-896836-75-1Katherine Gould Epperly · Bruce EpperlyReiki Healing Touch: And the Way of Jesus
  ''978-1-896836-76-8David J H HartChristianity: A New Look at Ancient Wisdom
2006978-1-896836-78-2Jim Kalnin · Lois Huey-HeckThe Spirituality of Art
  ''978-1-896836-82-9Professor of Theological Studies Amir HussainOil and Water: Two Faiths: One God
  ''978-1-896836-84-3Senior Lecturer in Classics Matthew FoxThe A.W.E. Project: Reinventing Education Reinventing the Human
2007978-1-896836-85-0Donna SinclairThe Spirituality of Bread
2006978-1-896836-89-8Donna Sinclair · Tom HarpurThe Spirituality of Bread/The Spirituality of Wine