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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-896817-00-2Michael ColganThe new power program: Protocols for maximum strength
1998978-1-896817-01-9Gary Courtenay100 Years Young: How to Live to a Ripe Old Age in Spite of Your Doctor
1999978-1-896817-02-6Benjamin LauGarlic and You: The Modern Medicine
  ''978-1-896817-03-3Lisa Shock · Robert ErdmannFood Cravings: Their Causes and Cures
1997978-1-896817-04-0Michael ColganCreatine for Muscle and Strength
  ''978-1-896817-05-7Michael Colgan · Lesley ColganThe Flavonoid Revolution: Grape Seed Extract and Other Flavonoids Against Disease
1999978-1-896817-06-4Barbara Tanenbaum · Tim Cummings · Junaidah BarnettFinding Your Way to a Healthier Weight: A Unique Weight Management Guide That Speaks to the Whole Person
2007978-1-896817-07-1Michael Colgan · Lesley ColganYou Can Prevent Cancer
1999978-1-896817-08-8Michael ColganEssential Fats for Athletes
  ''978-1-896817-09-5   ''Right Protein for Muscle & Strength
1996978-1-896817-10-1Jade Beutler R C PFlax for Life!: 101 Deliciuos Recipes and Tips Featuring Fabulous Flax Oil
1999978-1-896817-11-8Michael ColganAntioxidants: The Real Story
1996978-1-896817-12-5Michael T. MurrayUnderstanding Fats & Oils: Your Guide to Healing with Essential Fatty Acids
1998978-1-896817-13-2Jim ShrineEternally Fit
1999978-1-896817-15-6Michael ColganBeat arthritis
1996978-1-896817-16-3   ''The New Nutrition: Medicine for the New Millenium
2000978-1-896817-17-0   ''Protect Your Prostate: The World-Kenowned Colgan Institute Reveals Its Program for a Healthy Prostate
1999978-1-896817-18-7David SaulSex for Life: The Lover's Guide to Male Sexuality
  ''978-1-896817-20-0Michael ColganWin the War Against Arthritis
2001978-1-896817-22-4Lee ParorePower Posture: The Foundations of STRENGTH; And Your Blue Print to a Powerful Body
1999978-1-896817-23-1Michael ColganBeat Arthritis: The World Renowned Colgan Institute Reveals Its Programs for Nutritional Treatment of Arthritis & Arthritic Forms of F
2002978-1-896817-24-8   ''Perfect Posture: The Basis of Power
2004978-1-896817-26-2Colgan PhdThe New Power Program: New Protocols for Maximum Strength
2004978-1-896817-28-6Anne RobertMuscle Medicine: Your Guide to Muscle Health
2008978-1-896817-29-3Hermine GorgnerRevenge: A Novel
2003978-1-896817-44-6Lee ParoreFearless Spirit, Joyous Heart: Bring Your Soul to Life!