Alberta Law Reform Institute

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-896078-11-3Alberta Law Reform InstituteNon-Resident Trustees Under the Dependent Adults ACT
  ''978-1-896078-17-5University of AlbertaReport on a Succession Consolidation Statute
2003978-1-896078-25-0Limitations ACT: Standardizing Limitation Periods for Actions on Insurance Contracts
2000978-1-896078-36-6Rick H BowesTrustee investment powers
  ''978-1-896078-38-0Occupiers' liability: Recreational use of land
2008978-1-896078-41-0Alberta Law Reform InstituteEnforcement of Judgments
2000978-1-896078-42-7   ''Division of matrimonial property on death
2010978-1-896078-45-8   ''Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land---Purchasers' Remedies
2009978-1-896078-46-5   ''The Creation of Wills
  ''978-1-896078-48-9   ''Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land: Purchasers' Remedies
2012978-1-896078-49-6Alberta Law Reform InstituteSuccession and Posthumously Conceived Children: Report for Discussion
2009978-1-896078-50-2   ''Alberta Law Reform Institute, Edmonton, Alberta: Four-Year Report: July 2005 to June 2009
2012978-1-896078-51-9   ''Joint Ventures
  ''978-1-896078-53-3   ''Criminal Trial Proceedings