London Regional Art and Historical Museum

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-895800-07-4Compliments of the season: A collection of recipes for Victorian entertainments
1995978-1-895800-17-3Barry (curator) Fair19th Century Regional Artists from the Collection
1993978-1-895800-20-3Herman GooddenCurtain Rising: The History of Theatre in London
1996978-1-895800-23-4Sheila Ayearst · Mark A. Cheetham · Andy PattonSheila Ayearst: The 401 Towards London
  ''978-1-895800-25-8Jennie White · Madeline LennonBody: On Digital Time
1995978-1-895800-27-2Josephine Wilcox · Lisa (curator) Mahoney40 Years: A Volunteer Committee Celebration
1996978-1-895800-29-6James Patten · Michael HannayProvincial Modern
1994978-1-895800-30-2Catalyst: Celebrating 25 Years Fanshawe College Fine Art
  ''978-1-895800-32-6Rosemary Donovan · James Patten · Libby Fowler · Diane Renaud · Madeline Lennon · Hazel Desbarats · Guy Cowan · Rudolph BikkersRosemary Donovan: Luminaria
1996978-1-895800-33-3Philip Aziz · Lynne DiStefano · William S. A. DalePhilip Aziz: Hidden Icons
1994978-1-895800-38-8Walter Redinger · James Patten · Carole FarberWalter Redinger: Beyond Survival
1996978-1-895800-41-8William Kuryluk · James PattenWilliam Kuryluk: Photographs of Churches in Northern Ontario
978-1-895800-43-2Phone Charge Cable 3FT Cable,Phone Charger, Phone USB Charging Cable fdgf jyuk uktcasdfwfef Eger 264
1997978-1-895800-45-6Sheila Butler: Matters of Life and Death
  ''978-1-895800-46-3David Merritt · James Patten · Ted (foreword) FraserLittera
2001978-1-895800-47-0What Are Days For?
  ''978-1-895800-49-4Shari Hatt · Alison Cuddy · Brian MeehanShari Hatt: Dogs
2001978-1-895800-51-7Roly FenwickRoly Fenwick: A New and Greener Light
  ''978-1-895800-53-1Seeking the Ideal: The Athletic Sculptures of R. Tait McKenzie
  ''978-1-895800-55-5Gillian Collyer: Cozy
1998978-1-895800-56-2Kathy M'CloskeyThreads of Time: Eldon House Embroideries
2001978-1-895800-57-9Robin (text) MetcalfeStory Board: Selections from the Permanent Collection
  ''978-1-895800-59-3Kai ChanKai Chan: Rainbow Lakes
1999978-1-895800-60-9Harold Klunder: In the Forest of Symbols
  ''978-1-895800-62-3Rai Demopoulos · Mike BakerRiverscape to Subdivision: The Changing Landscape of a Rural Community
2001978-1-895800-63-0Canadian Embroiderers' GuildGames Needles Play: the Canadian Embroiderers' Guild 30 Anniversary Juried Fibre Art Exhibitions
2002978-1-895800-65-4Shadow of the Machine
1999978-1-895800-66-1Pandora's Box: A Collection of Collections
2002978-1-895800-73-9Between You and Me
1999978-1-895800-74-6Andrew HunterMitchell: A Number of Distinct Things Made by Different People Within a Defined Area Brought Together Within a Defined Area to Make a Distinct Grouping of Very Different Things (that I like)
2000978-1-895800-80-7The Single Tree. July 22-September 17, 2000: Exhibition Catalogue
2003978-1-895800-81-4Patricia DeadmanSprawl: Beyond the Field of Vision
2003978-1-895800-85-2Kirtley Jarvis · Ross Woodman · Robin MetcalfeKirtley Jarvis: No Comment
2001978-1-895800-86-9Noelle (artist) Cuppens · Patrick (essay) MahonThis is Not a Maple Tree
  ''978-1-895800-88-3Doug (artist) Kirton · Will (essay) GorlitzTimes of Uncertainty: Paintings 1983 - 1999
  ''978-1-895800-90-6Michael BakerZeitgeist: Spirit of the Times
2004978-1-895800-92-0Canadian Kunstkammer: The Moore Collection in the Museum
  ''978-1-895800-94-4Time Has Three Dimensions
2005978-1-895800-95-1Catherine Paleczny: Imply -- Wampish
  ''978-1-895800-97-5David Poolman: Long Gone Lonesome Blues
2005978-1-895800-99-9An Intimate Circle: The F. B. Housser Memorial Collection