year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-895411-01-0Robert A McCrackenWhere is it?
  ''978-1-895411-05-8Robert A McCrackenThe gingerbread man: An old tale
  ''978-1-895411-07-2   ''The old woman and the pig
  ''978-1-895411-09-6   ''Lickin chicken: An old tale
  ''978-1-895411-11-9   ''The three bears: An old tale
1991978-1-895411-15-7Robert A McCrackenThe farmer had a pig
  ''978-1-895411-16-4   ''What can you do?
1991978-1-895411-17-1Robert A McCrackenBill Grogan's goat: Traditional
  ''978-1-895411-18-8   ''What can you hear?
  ''978-1-895411-20-1   ''What can you see?
  ''978-1-895411-21-8   ''The grand old Duke of York: Traditional
  ''978-1-895411-22-5   ''What do you do?
1991978-1-895411-23-2Robert A McCrackenTeddy bear, teddy bear: Traditional
1991978-1-895411-24-9Robert A McCrackenWhat do you have?
  ''978-1-895411-25-6   ''When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears: Traditional
  ''978-1-895411-26-3   ''What is this?
  ''978-1-895411-27-0   ''My aunt came back
  ''978-1-895411-28-7   ''Where do you live?
1991978-1-895411-29-4Robert A McCrackenFive little speckled frogs
1991978-1-895411-30-0Robert A McCrackenToys
  ''978-1-895411-31-7   ''Bingo: Traditional
  ''978-1-895411-32-4   ''Some dogs don't
  ''978-1-895411-36-2   ''A hen can
  ''978-1-895411-38-6   ''How do you say hello to a ghost?
1991978-1-895411-40-9Robert A McCrackenThe end
1984978-1-895411-41-6Beatrice Culleton MosionierApril Raintree
1991978-1-895411-42-3Robert A McCrackenLittle fish
1991978-1-895411-44-7Robert A McCrackenThe fat pig
1992978-1-895411-45-4Charles KahnPeople Through the Ages
  ''978-1-895411-46-1Beatrice CulletonIn Search of April Raintree
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1994978-1-895411-63-8Susan HughesThe Webbing Way: Integrating the Curriculum Through Writing
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