Napoleon and Co

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-894917-00-1Mel BradshawDeath in the Age of Steam: A Mystery
2003978-1-894917-02-5Mary Jane MaffiniLament for a Lounge Lizard: A Fiona Silk Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-03-2Barbara FradkinMist Walker: An Inspector Green Mystery
2004978-1-894917-10-0Heather KirkA Drop of Rain
  ''978-1-894917-11-7R.J. HarlickDeath's Golden Whisper: A Meg Harris Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-12-4Mary Jane MaffiniThe Devil's in the Details
  ''978-1-894917-13-1Barbara FradkinFifth Son: An Inspector Green Mystery
2005978-1-894917-21-6Peggy Dymond LeaveyThe Path Through the Trees
2005978-1-894917-28-5Mel BradshawQuarrel with the Foe: A Paul Shenstone Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-29-2Robert McConnellNorbert Nipkin
  ''978-1-894917-30-8Mary Jane MaffiniThe Dead Don't Get Out Much
2006978-1-894917-36-0Barbara FradkinHonour Among Men: An Inspector Green Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-37-7Violette Malan · Therese GreenwoodDead in the Water
  ''978-1-894917-38-4R.J. HarlickRed Ice for a Shroud: A Meg Harris Mystery
2007978-1-894917-40-7Jon RedfernTrumpets Sound No More: An Inspector Endersby Mystery
2009978-1-894917-48-3Vladimir KoniecznyStruggling for Perfection: The Story of Glenn Gould
2007978-1-894917-57-5Mary Jane MaffiniToo Hot to Handle: A Fiona Silk Mystery
2007978-1-894917-58-2Barbara FradkinDream Chasers: An Inspector Green Mystery
2008978-1-894917-62-9R. J. HarlickThe River Runs Orange
2007978-1-894917-63-6Amanda DinsdaleStolen Away Teacher's Package
2009978-1-894917-80-3Vicki DelanyGold Digger: A Klondike Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-82-7Philippa DowdingThe Gargoyle in My Yard
  ''978-1-894917-83-4Jennifer MarunoWhen the Cherry Blossoms Fell: A Cherry Blossom Book
  ''978-1-894917-85-8Barbara FradkinThis Thing of Darkness: An Inspector Green Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-86-5Mary Jane MaffiniLaw and Disorder: A Camilla MacPhee Mystery
2009978-1-894917-87-2R.J. HarlickArctic Blue Death: A Meg Harris Mystery
  ''978-1-894917-91-9Christopher DinsdaleBetrayed: The Legend of Oak Island